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Röde Orm At the end of the dark tenth century , Vikings and their ancient customs were changing rapidly, the bold men, sea pirates and land raiders didn t recognize it, that was a fatal mistake, the harsh climate of Norway, Sweden and Denmark, even distant Iceland, slowly becoming nations did not make illiterate peasants there wealthy, just the opposite, much easier to rob, than working on poor farms, scratching a living in the unpredictable cold weather, an unproductive soil The era of stealing the neighbors goods, murdering the defenders and taking their women, would not last much longer A powerful force came to the ignorant Norsemen from a far away , warm, unknown, dry desert land Something they could not stop with a slashing sword, a thrust of the spear, an arrow hitting a target or a stab of a knife into the soft, bloody flesh You can t kill an idea with weapons which people want and need.The Viking ships, long and narrow, sails made of cloth, oarsmen rowing tirelessly, in three feet of water, the brave crew traveling speedily up and down rivers , lakes, stormy seas when no breeze flutters the sails The strange, fearless, shaven men continuously arrive, preaching a new religion about just one God, the Christ, no m It s an adventure story written in the style of an Icelandic saga I listened to an audio version read by Michael Page I m not thrilled with the cover art on either it or the paperback But if like Jordi Ark lithographs for it.The Long Ships2017 HIGHBRIDGE ENGLISH UNABRID In just a minute I ll be trying my hardest to sell you Goodreading friends on this sensational Viking experience Before that, though, seeing as how I m foaming over with excitement and appreciation, I have multiple people to thank First, to the author I know that you re dead, but believe you must be sitting at the right hand of Odin, smiling that another reader has recognized your magnificent talent for stories, your impressive capacity for research and your sure way with words Plaudits to your translator, too It couldn t have been easy to get the spare, vaguely archaic tone of this right To NYRB Classics Had I known that your choices for reissue were this good, I d have sampled your collection much sooner To my lovely, level headed wife who may be a bit prejudiced against Norsemen and, for that matter, frat boys Your initial reluctance to believe that a story about Vikings in the late 10th century could be good made me realize that I d have to work hard to make my case And yes, Susan, women were featured, though the chivalry they were shown was not what you might call refined And finally, to Sandmeyer s Bookstore, my favorite purveyors of fine reading here in Chicago From the bottom of my ale cup to the tip of my Andalusian steel, I say thank you for placing this book in my hands Ellen Brilliant comic novel about life in Viking Sweden Those Vikings were real tough dudes My favorite bit is the sequence with Orm s first captain, who has a run of bad luck and ends up being captured and sold into slavery The overseer knows he used to be a big guy and takes special delight in tormenting him, but the former captain waits for his chance One day, while they re working in a shipyard, they re close to a barrel of boiling pitch he picks up the hated overseer and dumps him in, head first He s immediately run through with three spears, but has time for some last words He looks calmly around him and says Nu r min lycka b ttre My luck has finally improved.I have just finished re reading this wonderful book I have now read it three times There is hardly any novel I know which is so simply enjoyable The author said that his modest goal was to wrote a good story, like The Odyssey This is the most laughs I ve got out of a book dealing with pillaging, raping, burning, slaving at a galley s oar, duels to the death, wars at sea or on land The fun starts from the very first chapter where it is dryly suggested that the reason the Northmen were so fond of going a viking to the ends of the known world every spring was to escape the sharp tongues and the fiery tempers of their beloved consorts After being cooped in with them for six long and cold winter months, going out at sea must have been sheer bliss.The hero of the story is Orm Tostesson, the third son of a minor chieftain, first met as an impetuous youth with a slight flaw in his character he is quickwitted, skillful in the wielding of the spear and the battleaxe, talented in poetry, attractive to women and a bit of a hypochondriac as a result of overpampering at the hands of his mother.This long epic is the story of Red Orm and his three adventurous journeys at sea, of the friendships he made, the hardships and the killings, the wealth he won and given away, the wild parties and the dubious stories he liked to tell, the wisdom and fairness that will make him a respected chieftain in his own right.Europe around the year 1000 was a merciless world, with hundreds of kingdoms warring ceaselessly, and the travels of Orm will take him, and us, from the shores of the Baltic Sea This year my reading has been, to a great extent, directed by my travels or visits These also account for my irregular presence in GR I have been either on the go, or involved with other projects related to the travels.As one of my upcoming trips is to the South of Spain, to Andalusia, I have been reading about the Muslim and medieval times in Spain Prior to this, I had also travelled to another enclave that lies deep in the Christian medieval times of Spain, to Burgos, and this had me reading on those Reconquering kings And then, unexpectedly, I was invited to join another trip to Norway rapidly I put aside the medieval Moors and Christians, and picked this book up What a surprise it was, that once I boarded on this literary long ships of Vikings, after not many pages, I found myself back in the Cordoba Caliphate, with Al Mansur, and accompanying the captured Viking R de Orm, the Red Serpent With him and Al Manur, I travelled and stole, literarily and vicariously, the bells from the Santiago de Compostela church Doing this from the 21st c Reading R De Orm Author Frans G Bengtsson Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Frans Gunnar Bengtsson S The Long Ships Resurrects The Fantastic World Of The Tenth Century AD When The Vikings Roamed And Rampaged From The Northern Fastnesses Of Scandinavia Down To The Mediterranean Bengtsson S Hero, Red Orm Canny, Courageous, And Above All Lucky Is Only A Boy When He Is Abducted From His Danish Home By The Vikings And Made To Take His Place At The Oars Of Their Dragon Prowed Ships Orm Is Then Captured By The Moors In Spain, Where He Is Initiated Into The Pleasures Of The Senses And Fights For The Caliph Of Cordova Escaping From Captivity, Orm Washes Up In Ireland, Where He Marvels At Those Epicene Creatures, The Christian Monks, And From Which He Then Moves On To Play An Ever Important Part In The Intrigues Of The Various Scandinavian Kings And Clans And Dependencies Eventually, Orm Contributes To The Viking Defeat Of The Army Of The King Of England And Returns Home An Off The Cuff Christian And A Very Rich Man, Though Back On His Native Turf New Trials And Tribulations Will Test His Cunning And Determination Packed With Pitched Battles And Blood Feuds And Told Throughout With Wit And High Spirits, Bengtsson S Book Is A Splendid Adventure That Features One Of The Most Unexpectedly Winning Heroes In Modern Fiction Nyrb.com The Long Ships An entertaining historical fiction adventure tale featuring badass Vikings doing badass Viking things Overall, this was a fast, fun, often exciting read, filled with a surprising amount of historically accurate details and dry humor. A five hundred page novel about Vikings set in the year 1000 Sure, why not This book has got booty than a Sir Mix a Lot video rimshot Of course, I mean old school booty, as in creaky wooden chests filled with gold coins and jewel encrusted amulets Red Orm is our hero, a strangely lovable barbarian who begins the novel as a pubescent naif and ends it as a wealthy chieftain Oops, spoiler alert retroactive I m not really giving anything away there This is very much an old fashioned epic of seafaring, treasure hunting, and grisly spear fighting, so there s little doubt that that things end well for the protagonist which isn t to say that he doesn t have to steer his painted dragon ship through many a shitstorm to arrive at the happy ending Anyway, people who lived in Scandinavia one thousand years ago were some hardcore mofos I m not implying that non Scandinavian people were pussies, but I haven t read any novels about them, so they re temporarily irrelevant Life s pretty cheap to this sort One day everything is status quo, and the next day they re at a drunken feast fighting October 2011PROLOGUEHow the shaven men fared in Skania in King Harald Bluetooth s timeMany restless men rowed north from Skania with Bue and Vagn, and found ill fortune in J rundfjord others marched with Styrbj rn to Uppsala and died there with him When the news reached their homeland that few of them could be expected to return, elegies were declaimed and memorial stones set up whereupon all sensible men agreed that what had happened was for the best, for they could now hope to have a peaceful time than before, and less parceling out of land by the ax and sword There followed a time of plenty, with fine rye harvests and great herring catches, so that most people were well contented but there were some who thought that the crops were tardy, and they went a viking in Ireland and England, where fortune smiled on their wars and many of them stayed there The Long Ships, p 3 Europe, the Tenth Century A time when men were men and women were often kidnappedThat s all I got Damn you, reviewer s block Imagine, if you will, that I took all the rage and frustration and snarky derision that I generally reserve for my one star reviews, channeled that energy into something positive, and used it to write a review of The Long Ships Imagine that that review was powerful and clever and witty imagine it was amazing, astounding, the best review I ve ever written Now, imagine that you read this imaginary review

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About the Author: Frans G. Bengtsson

Frans G Bengtsson 1894 1954 was born and raised in the southern Swedish province of Sk ne, the son of an estate manager His early writings, including a doctoral thesis on Geoffrey Chaucer and two volumes of poetry written in what were considered antiquated verse forms, revealed a career long interest in historical literary modes and themes Bengtsson was a prolific translator of Paradise Lost