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The Doorbell Rang My copy of The Doorbell Rang came with an introduction that informed me that the book came about because Rex Stout was offended by what the FBI had become under Hoover and had read a book titled The FBI Nobody Knows While I knew The FBI Nobody Knows featured prominently in The Doorbell Rang, I had assumed it was a fake book, created by Stout for the purposes of his story Finding it was not only deepened my appreciation for Stout s storytelling Yes, his personal politics were on display in the work, but Nero Wolfe is a man who very much dislikes bullies, and so it was a perfect fit to have Wolfe go after the FBI for illegal wiretapping.It is very interesting how that same topic has come into relevance in the last few years, and it speaks to the timelessness of Stout s work There are no computers, no cell phones, no e mails to search through and no overly descriptive blogs to slog through What Stout gives readers is a cast of great characters in interesting situations that stand the test of time because the interact A swift, crisp, clean read entertainment with minimal effort Deftly written.The book is told in the first person by Archie Goodwin, who is the right hand man of the main character, Nero Wolfe, a brilliant, rather rotund, eccentric gourmand who raises orchids, certainly one of the most memorable private investigators in crime fiction, ranking with other notables such as Miss Marple and Herc Popular Books, The Doorbell Rang Author Rex Stout This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Doorbell Rang, Essay By Rex Stout Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Rex Stout was born in Noblesville, IN and grew up in Kansas Though never active himself, he was raised by Quaker parents He was a brilliant child he read by the time he was four and won a state spelling Bee when he was 13 He must have been somewhat influenced by his families Quaker activism He served on the original board of the American Civil Liberties Union and helped start the magazine The New Masses At the time of the Depression, he was an enthusiastic supporter of the New Deal During World War II, he worked with the advocacy group, Friends of Democracy The group was the forerunner of today s watchdog organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center that track hate groups When the paranoid anti Communist era of the late 1940s and 1950s began, Stout ignored a subpoena from the House Un American Activities Committee at the height of the McCarthy era witch hunts Though active in causes on the left, Stout was rabidly anti communist and the irony of his subpoena is that he probably would have supported McCarthy s goal of finding Commies in the US Government, if it had actually been about that I bring this up because this book, than any other that I ve read by him, is Stout airing his grievance A pair of detectives one cantankerous genius and one amiable nose to the grindstone type investigate the possible involvement of J Edgar Hoover s FBI in a murder, because who doesn t love stirring up a wasps nest for a hundred grand Nero Wolfe books are always smooth, competent, and fun feet up and relax murder mysteries The mystery is never all that mysterious called this one ahead of time , yet you never feel disappointe This is the 41st, and one of the later books, in the Nero Wolfe series This particular story takes place in 1965 and is contemporary to me than other stories I am used to stories that take place in the 1940 s during a time period when I have no memory Here we have a story about the FBI when J Edgar Hoover was in charge and struck fear into everyone Even the White House.A wealthy socialite widow, Mrs Rachel Bruner, hires Wolfe because she is being harassed by the FBI She read a book,The FBI Nobody Knows , and was so moved that she decided to purchase 10,000 copies and send them to prominent and influential people senators, congressmen, business leaders, etc Now she is being harassed by the FBI and wants Wolfe s help putting and end to it A 100,000 retainer helps persuade Wolfe to help her and take on the FBI Soon Wolfe, Archie Goodwin, and Fritz Brenner find themselves living under siege Is the brownstone bugged Are the phones tapped Archie is being tailed whenever he leaves the house.Of course this being a Nero Wolfe story there is a murder The victim was a reporter working on his own story about the FBI when he was murdered The story he was working on is missing Who did it There is some indication that it may have been the FBI Bugging your home, putting a tap on your phone, and tailing you everywhere is one thin This is likely the best known of all of Rex Stout s books There is just something appealing about a citizen going up against an established institution While I have nothing against the F.B.I, and feel that the country would quite possibly go to hell in a handbasket without them, they, like any other institution, need their checks and balances Old J Edgar was given far too much power and way too little checks While the incident that sets off the plot was fictional, I have little doubt that if an actual wealthy person had performed the quixotic gesture of purchasing ten thousand copies of that book and distributing them throughout the country, he or she would have been victimized by a campaign of harassment And for what It s not as though ten thousand guns were pointed at ten thousand heads with the demand You Will Read This Most people would probably shrug, stick it on a shelf, and forget about it And even if ten thousand people did get up in arms about it, what exactly could they do As they kept pointing out throughout the book, this was J Edgar Hoover So Wolfe, tempted with the biggest retainer of his career, and the promise of being able to keep it even if he failed, tackles a job that daunts even Archie They start out trying to get a wedge in that they can push Archie shows a rather interesting side, presumably the product of years of sitting at Wolf OK, can I just admit something This is just between you and me right I really really really like old time detective stories I have hundreds of old time radio programs of this type and I ve started to collect classics in book form as I find them One of my favorites are the Nero Wolfe books by Rex Stout Someday I hope to have a full collection I m up to about 20 or so in my library This is, by far so far , the best one I have read If you are not familiar with the premise it is that Nero Wolfe a gourmand and genius and agoraphobic orchid lover lives in a house in New York city and rarely if ever leaves it Since detective stories require a lot of legwork and going places and talking to people, Wolfe has hired an assistant Archie Goodwin Goodwin is clever and handsome and knows full well that Wolfe is smarter than anyone else he knows In this book Wolfe is approached by a widow who thinks that the FBI is harassing her Neither Wolfe or Goodwin want to take the case at first until circumstances change, including learning of a murder of someone related to the widow, and they end up taking the case after all And a good thing they di I m not surprised at Wolfe With his ego, there s no one and nothing he wouldn t take on if you paid him But, I m surprised at you You know damn well the FBI can t be bucked Not even by the White House And you re hopping around pecking at people s scabs You re asking for it and you ll get it You re off your hinges I put both Rex Stout and Erle Stanley Gardner in the golden age of detective fiction I have recently decided to revisit both I chose The Doorbell Rang because it relates to some interesting issues in the USA during this part of the 21st Century.Nero Wolfe is a wonderful creation Stout has poured so many eccentricities into him that he would be a mere caricature if it were not for Stout s skill at plotting and the unusual cases that Wolfe and Goodwin tackle Wolfe always has his beer, before dinner and during any late night work sessions The beer and his orchids occupy a significant part of his daily routine Wolfe rarely ventures from his Manhattan brownstone, and only then with great reluctance that often is truculence He does not trust any woman to be reliable and he disdains work unless he needs the money or the problem intrigues him.Archie Goodwin is not his partner He is his assistant and sometimes cat s paw, and he lives, rent free in Wolfe s house and dines at no charge on gourmet food cooked by Wolfe s chef, Fritz Wolfe doesn t tell Goodwin everything, but we see everything from Goodwin s perspective Goodwin has been with Wolfe so long that he knows The plot of this book can be summarized in just two following pictures It is just this guy going against these Oops sorry, wrong picture I mean against these If you are to take a bet, who do you think would win in the open confrontation Do you even have any doubts at all Cast your mind back in time and recall FBI of J Edgar Hoover era an almighty spooky organization uncontrollable even by the White House, but with carefully maintained image of relentless justice keepers There was a fictional book covering the agency s abuse of power which came under the radar of the majority of public just as it is usually the case One wealthy woman read it and was so impressed that she ordered a bunch of copies that she distributed literally everywhere Her rewards for the troubles were quite expected apathy of her readers and very close scrutiny of the said agency in the name of security of cause did you notice that some things never change, including ones done in the name of security She was harassed by every imaginable way until she came to Nero Wolfe asking him to make the impossible and somehow force the FBI to stop their security checks on her She did two thi

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Rex Todhunter Stout December 1, 1886 October 27, 1975 was an American crime writer, best known as the creator of the larger than life fictional detective Nero Wolfe, described by reviewer Will Cuppy as that Falstaff of detectives Wolfe s assistant Archie Goodwin recorded the cases of the detective genius from 1934 Fer de Lance to 1975 A Family Affair.The Nero Wolfe corpus was nominated

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