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Witness to My Life The Lifetime Intellectual And Romantic Partnership Between Jean Paul Sartre And Simone De Beauvoir Is One Of The Most Renowned Of The 20th Century Witness To My Life Offers Unique Insight Into Their Remarkable 52 Year Liaison.

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    I long to have a romance of the mind, through letters, like Simone de Beauvoir and Jean Paul Sartre I often think I would be better suited to this kind of romance than I ever could be to the actual kind, where you see people face to face and have to interact with...

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    Witness to My Life is a collection of letters written by Jean Paul Sartre and edited, compiled, and mostly written to Simone de Beauvoir Sartre s and Simone s romance was legendary, and in this collection, one can partake of that romance incarnate Also, this is quite the Romantic work with a capital R Romanticism is characterized by a trust in intuition and emotion vis a vis rational or skeptical understandings about oneself or the world Almost every page bespeaks this

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    All I can say is wow. reading how to great minds love each other is just brilliant..

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    twenty cubic meters of blue air

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    I ve always come to wonder what kind of talk did Sartre and Simone have during dinner or what kind of flirtatious words did he use Well well, this is what you ll get when we have 2 thinkers drowned themselves in an ecstatic feeling we call Love Tonight I love you in a way that you have not known in me ...

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    A This is the love affair of dreams Of what you really want at the end of the day someone who is absolutely completely devoted to you But bizarrely, I never can figure out the open elements of their relationship fascinating, rega...

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    Mostly I found it well written but a bit boring He has a pretty loose definition of the term funny story I also strongly suspect that if he were alive today he and I would probably not get along.

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    In 2011, who says to his partner write and send to me details of your everyday life I love to know them, even small ones Well, Sartre, in 1920s and 30s, says to Simone de Beauvoire You may think it s romantic but I particularly think it shows ability of Simone as a phenomenal writer.

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    I didn t finish this book While the letters are eloquent, I personally found the book difficult.

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    Wel mooi ook het boek de teerling is geworpen

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