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Guilty Wives 4.5 starsGuilty Wives by James Patterson and David Ellis I have not read anything recently by either author so I can t judge this book by any past books of theirs All I can say about Guilty Wives is wow If anyone is looking for something that will keep your brain engaged and keep you on the edge of your seat, then I cannot recommend this book enough.If just one tenth of what these authors wrote about Frances legal system is correct, then I have to really thank God for ours, no matter how it can seem unfair to some people at times This was a very fast paced novel written in the first person Everything is seen through the eyes of Abbie Elliot and I think that this creates a wonderful tension throughout the entire book and especially through the courtroom scenes and her incarceration.Abbie and her three close friends are going away for a girl s weekend in Monte Carlo They are rich and very privileged women They have also been somewhat mistreated by their husband s, and in one instance even abused, so that gives them a bit of leeway to act as they did when first arriving in Monte Carlo In the first part of the book, leading up to their arrest and for even a time afterward, you will not feel that you will ever come to like or sympathize with them You may even feel contempt for them as I did, until the horrors of what they are facing starts and the unspeakable happens Now they are involved in a murder investigation and implicated Always a fan of James Patterson, I found this stand alone to be a notch above what I ve come to adore and expect from Mr Patterson Excellent twists and turns with a phenomenally badass heroine Spectacular PDF Epub Guilty Wives Author James Patterson Nature Explore.eu No Husbands Allowed Only Minutes After Abbie Elliot And Her Three Best Friends Step Off Of A Private Helicopter, They Enter The Most Luxurious, Sumptuous, Sensually Pampering Hotel They Have Ever Been To Their Lavish Presidential Suite Overlooks Monte Carlo, And They Surrender To The Sun And Pool, To The Sashimi And Sake, To The Bruno Paillard Champagne For Four Days They Re Free To Live Someone Else S Life As The Weekend Moves Into Pulsating Discos, High Stakes Casinos, And Beyond, Abbie Is Transported To The Greatest Pleasure And Release She Has Ever Known.What Happened Last Night In The Morning S Harsh Light, Abbie Awakens On A Yacht, Surrounded By Police Something Awful Has Happened Something Impossible, Unthinkable Abbie, Winnie, Serena, And Bryah Are Arrested And Accused Of The Foulest Crime Imaginable And Now The Vacation Of A Lifetime Becomes The Fight Of A Lifetime For Survival GUILTY WIVES Is The Ultimate Indulgence, The Kind Of Nonstop Joy Ride Of Excess, Friendship, Betrayal, And Danger That Only James Patterson Can Create. Most disappointing James Patterson book I ve ever read This is the first book review I have ever done and I m sorry to say it is not a good review I am an avid reader and I have always looked forward to the new James Patterson books I can t remember ever having a book that I just couldn t finish reading I think this might be a first for me I have always loved reading the James Patterson Women s Murder Club series, the Alex Cross series and I really enjoyed the Private series I could hardly put those down once I started reading but Guilty Wives was a major disappointment for me The 1st part of the story had a lot of French terms that were seldom explained which made it hard to understand what was happening The story was very slow moving and I had to force myself to read some of it each day I go I usually love, love, love Patterson s books and can t put them down Unfortunately this wasn t one of them Perhaps it gets better as you go along, but I just couldn t make myself spend any time on it Four women jet off to Monte Carlo, drink, party heavily, and cheat on their husbands They wake up the next morning to chaos and are whisked away to be arrested for the murder of two men At no point in all this did I develop any sympathy or af I have read most or all of James Patterson s books Compared to the others, this one was so so The plot was about as absurd as it gets Four women go off on a girl s vacation, which is really a thinly disguised vacation to let loose and swing with the best Of course, most are fabulously wealthy, so they can easily spend time throwing money around They pick up four guys and end up on a boat There is a crime, for which the four are arrested, tried and found guilty The whole plot idea was too unrealistic to be believed I found the characters less than well developed, except for only one, Abbie As usual with Patterson s books, this was an easy, fast read However, getting into the book was slow and rather difficult I started to decide this was one I simply could and would not read, but finally got into it I think Patterson is starting to show that even he, the prolific novelist, can f This book was really good I enjoyed every second of it.I rented this book on CD from the library only because there were a few books on CDs left, and James Patterson is a popular writer so I was hoping his book would be good And it was The book turned out to be nothing that I expected There was a huge crime that the wives were convicted for and you spend the I generally love Patterson, but this one missed the mark for me I ll explain why, hopefully without giving away the ending for those who choose to read it the sexual content near the beginning was too graphic for me the interrogation and trial seemed to go on and on and on, frustrating than engaging I ended up COMPLETELY SKIPPING AT LEAST A FORTH OF THE BOOK just to get into the story I felt several key characters were inconsistent One example the lead inspector grills 4 innocent women for four days and is convinced they re guilty later he interrogates a person and immediately picks up on his innocence at one point, great emotion is shown over a loss, but there wasn t sufficient background to show us why overall, the ongoing grittiness of the bulk of the book was not enjoyable for me too much overt inhumanityAnd perhaps the greatest flaw, in my opinion In retrospect, I found TOO MANY areas where the plot was just way too far fetched Found mysel Have always love James Patterson s works I know I have to get this book after I read the preview.I WISH THEY MADE THIS INTO A MOVIE, SERIOUSLY I mean, it was really an awesome page turner as I finished it within a nig Not at all like any James Patterson book I have read before A girls weekend away goes terribly wrong and these ladies end up in a horrific French prisontwo of them for life Abbie is intelligent, and despite her incarceration and constant abuse, she figures out how her night of fun and passion goes

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