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Song of Solomon Milkman Dead Was Born Shortly After A Neighborhood Eccentric Hurled Himself Off A Rooftop In A Vain Attempt At Flight For The Rest Of His Life He, Too, Will Be Trying To Fly With This Brilliantly Imagined Novel, Toni Morrison Transfigures The Coming Of Age Story As Audaciously As Saul Bellow Or Gabriel Garc A M Rquez As She Follows Milkman From His Rustbelt City To The Place Of His Family S Origins, Morrison Introduces An Entire Cast Of Strivers And Seeresses, Liars And Assassins, The Inhabitants Of A Fully Realized Black World

About the Author: Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison born Chloe Ardelia Wofford was an American author, editor, and professor who won the 1993 Nobel Prize in Literature for being an author who in novels characterized by visionary force and poetic import, gives life to an essential aspect of American reality Her novels are known for their epic themes, vivid dialogue, and richly detailed African American characters among the best known are her novelsThe Bluest Eye ,Song of Solomon , andBeloved , which won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1988 In 2001 she was named one of The 30 Most Powerful Women in America by Ladies Home Journal.

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    He walked there now strutted is the better word, for he had a high behind and an athlete stride thinking of names Surely, he thought, he and his sister had some ancestor, some lithe young man with onyx skin and legs as straight as cane stalks, who had a name that was real A name given to him at birth with love and seriousness A na

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    Have you ever considered the historical heritage and the intrinsic meaning of your name and surname What is a proper noun if not a word that carries concentrated quintessence to depict oneself Aren t people named after parents or grandparents paying homage to their own ancestry somehow There is something miraculous about the past that the

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    Almost four whole months into 2015 and I ve finally read my first four star book You can always trust Toni Morrison to deliver even when you think all hope is lost I think Song of Solomon is my favourite Morrison novel thus far This novel just flows with greatness I feel that I enjoyed this bookthan let s say, Beloved, because the time period in wh

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    Song of Solomonbegins and ends with a leap, a man hurling himself into the air, an act of surrender Book ended between these attempted acts of flight, a rich and beautiful work of literature slowly, gradually, takes wing.This is the fifth Toni Morrison book I ve read after Beloved, The Bluest Eye, Home and Sula , and I think of these five, Song of Solomon i

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    Sprawling and epic, Song of Solomon paints a vibrant picture of Black social life across midcentury America The coming of age novel follows Milkman Dead, a Black man caught in arrested development, as he journeys from his hometown in Michigan to rural Pennsylvania and Virginia in a quest for legendary gold, after a youth full of waste, indecision, and wealth As he s

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    One of my absolute favorites, partly for the following You can t own a human being You can t lose what you don t own Suppose you did own him Could you really love somebody who was absolutely nobody without you You really want somebody like that Somebody who falls apart when you walk out the door You don t, do you And neither does he You re turning over your whole life to him

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    You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you downToni Morrison, Song of SolomonI liked all of it and loved much of it It is an amazing piece of literature with beautifully realized characters Originally, I felt this book was on par with The Bluest Eye, but still not as strong as Beloved I now think they are ALL great Morrison novels The further I get from this book, the

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    4.5 5There s something to be said for stories Beyond all the talk of clich s, the bemoaning of stereotypes, the intricate and obsessive breakdown of the latest wave of hyped up mass media extravaganza that has managed to aggressively worm its way into the mob conscience Beyond the deep seated resignation at puzzle piece popularity.I don t have anything against the forthright advocates of anal

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    08 06 2019 Update Toni Morrison has died and while I engage in my usual requiem ritual of listening to Al Green s Take Me To The River, I immediately came back to my experience reading this book Though she s dead what s important is that we still have her books, her words, and the site of her memory I read this book back in 2015 and she immediately became an old friend Not one for modesty, her work is an authe

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