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Possessed by Evil The Cruelest Of Japanese Manga Meets Charmed A Young, Modern Day Witch And An Innocent College Girl Are Confronted With The Coming Of A Mighty Demon Soon The City Is Awash In Abuse And Other Violence Against Women Yet No One Seems To Care Young Women Gather, Wide Eyed And Excited, To Discuss The Latest Gang Abuses Young Men Plot Their Newest Sport, The Rape And Torment Of Beautiful Girls Women Are Stripped Naked On Public Streets To Be Used And Punished, The Police Add Whips To Their Armory, And Parents Sell Their Daughters For Slaves Bondage And Masochism Are All The Rage, And Dark, Slithering Creatures With Phallic Tentacles Haunt The Alleys As The Demon S Power Grows Nothing Stands In His Way But One Small, Earnest Witch.

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    READERS BEWARE This is not for the faint of heart Argus usually write intense novels, where women are dominated by men or occasionally other women and the rarely the other way around Novels that can best be described as dark erotica, but I haven t seen him take things this far before.Possessed by Evil is a book with strong paranorm...

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About the Author: J.J. Argus

Also writes as the single name author Argus JJ Argus started writing erotica in the 1980s working for Star Distributing, a New York publisher He wrote 3 books a month until Star went under with the advent of the internet He has also been published by Beeline and Beaver books, and sold short stories to Penthouse, Oui, Nugget, and numerous others In the 1990s he began writing for British publish