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Twelve Bright Trumpets All Original Text With A Beautiful New Cover DesignMargaret Leighton Has Created Twelve Wonderful Historical Fiction Stories That Span The Middle Ages From The Withdrawal Of The Roman Legions From Britain To The Fall Of Venice As Queen Of The SeaThe Heroes And Heroines Of These Stories Are Young People Set In The Dramatic Events That Have Shaped Western Cvilization The Settings, The Customs And Ideas Of The People Pictured Here Are As True To The Period As Long And Careful Study Could Make Them Whenever An Historical Figure Does Appear, Like Vortigern Or Charlemagne Or Alfred, He Is Only Doing What Records Tell Us That He Actually Did Do ForewordThese Stories Inspire Courage, Love, Endurance, Hope, Industry And Many Other Virtues Through twelve short stories told from the point of view of children, Margaret Leighton introduces much of medieval history The stories are sufficient and enjoyable vehicles for teaching about events that shaped the middle ages and then ushered in the Renaissance Among the significant people and events are Charlemagne, the Norman conquest, the Vikings, the crusades, Johannes Gutenburg and the printing press, and Vasco da Gama s route to India I recommend it highly for children studying the middle ages. This book has a number of short stories that are set in the Middle Ages and weaves medieval history into each plot It is delightfully written with wonderful descriptions that pull you right into each story A fun and enlightening read

About the Author: Margaret Leighton

Born in Ohio, Margaret Leighton Carver was educated in France and Switzerland, and was graduated from Radcliffe College After her husband s death in 1935, she moved to Santa Monica and began writing for young adults, both fiction and nonfiction.

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