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I Think I Love You Ebook I Think I Love You Author Allison Pearson Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Petra And Sharon, Two Thirteen Year Old Girls, Are Both Desperately In Love With A World Famous Pop Star Together They Pore Over His Photos, Read His Fan Club Letters, And Even Enter A Contest Whose Winners Will Meet Him In Person Twenty Years Later, Petra Is Pushing Forty, On The Brink Of Divorce, And Fighting With Her Own Thirteen Year Old Daughter When She Is Given The Opportunity Of A Lifetime The Chance To Meet The Teen Idol She Loved So Long Ago A Moving Tale Of Friendship And Celebrity,I Think I Love You Perfectly Captures The Intensity Of First Love A Love That Never Entirely Goes Away. I expected from this book because I enjoyed I Don t Know How She Does It Unfortunately, I think I love You was so bad that I only got to about page 100 At that point, I made the decision that there were too many good books out there to waste my time on this one.The basic premise, in the first 100 pages, is that young Petra and her friends are obsessed with David Cassidy They are also confronted by the mean girl, clique ish behavior of young girls Petra is trying desperately to fit in and win the alpha girl s attention and affection At the same time, there is an alternate story of Bill who is writing the David Cassidy fan magazine that these girls are obsessed with When I put the book down, the super quiz that apparently Petra wins but doesn t know about not a spoiler, it s on the book jacket , is just happening.In 100 pages, it felt like the same thoughts were being repeated over and over and I had yet to actually care about any o I really liked this mainly because I could relate to Petra and Sharon Like them, I had unhealthy infatuations with celebrities who have no idea I exist In fact, I still have these obsessions I m still waiting for Tim Lincecum to marry me They say, write what you know Personally, while I see why that s a good first step, I have cautioned my students against writing what they know too well as you are likely to make your reader feel like a third wheel while you re on a date with yourself.This is one of my main beefs with Pearson s much anticipated and very disappointing read LAME OLA new novel, I Think I Love You Allow me to preface my review with the caveat that I have had no idea who David Cassidy is was and in fact spent the first twenty pages thinking she meant David Hasselhoff The title certainly didn t tip me off I didn t even know that was the name of a song I also never suffered from teen idolatry in fact I think that kind of went the way of lava lamps and avocado colored kitchens Therefore perhaps a lot of what made this book relatable to people didn t work for me as a product of my own generation and on that later but I think the book was bad, regardless, either way I also want to say and I will get to the review soon, I promise that I did some research ala wikipedia on this Cassidy dude and girls, what is the deal He looks like a girl And after hitting up Rhapsody for some of his tunes I gotta say, I get it even LESS.So anyway, this all might contribute to why this book left me cold ITILY centers around two parallel stories that of Petra, young pubescent who is madly in It s 1974 and Petra and her friends are all in love with singer David Cassidy Petra is the ultimate Cassidy fan, making collages of pictures of the singer, subscribing to his fan magazine and knowing all there is to know about David Petra hopes that someday all this knowledge may come in useful should she ever meet David and the two fall hopelessly in love.One of the biggest sources of Petra s knowledge is a David Cassidy fan magazine And while the letters from fans appear to be responded to by Cassidy, it s really Bill writing the responses He s a college graduate, trying to break into the rock and roll journalism scene whose taken a detour to the Cassidy magazine to pay the bills Bill is tasked with coming up with a Cassidy questionnaire contest The prize a trip to L.A to visit the set of the Partridge Family And of all the people out there, Petra is most suited to win.The first half of I Think I Love You is a coming of age story about Petra and her friends The story contrasts Petra s love and obsessiveness about Cassidy with Bill s reaction to his job The two both know about Cassidy than most, but seeing how each reacts to having such a fount of knowledge is intriguing Bill hides what he does from his girlfriend for fear of her thinking less of him Were it not for the hook of the Cassidy obsession, I Think I Love You might Before I talk about Allison Pearson s delightful novel, I Think I Love You, I have to talk about David Cassidy I think it s important for you to understand my total predisposition to love this book based on my adolescent feelings about David I LOVED HIM Oh, I know I wasn t alone millions of girls my age loved him It s just that I loved him And to illustrate the deep personal connection we had, let me tell you about what happened to me in 1995 at the backstage door of the London production of Blood Brothers For four weeks only, David Cassidy played the role of Mickey As luck would have it I was living in England at the time, where I d been teaching high school English in a little town outside of Birmingham My husband and I were due to fly home for Christmas and so we arranged to go down to London early so I could see the play I was 34.Let me back up My love for David Cassidy came on the heels of my love for Davy Jones The Monkees Call me fickle, but who hasn t heard Day Dream Believer and fallen just a little bit in love with Davy s accented voice Then The Partridge Family debuted on television and I was knocked off my feet I joined the fan club wish I still had that little Well, this book was a scream let me tell you I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish and it made me laugh out loud than once It hit on all those teenage angst moments boys and puberty, mean girls at school and a demanding mother self imposed expectations and limitations and how we see ourselves with all those insecurities clouding the mirror, all done to the music of the times to set the moods and Allison Pearson made it all quite funny Painfully funny at times and down right hilarious at others, it makes you remember your past and the music that you listened to and loved.This story starts with a not too long ago past well, for some of us anyways and the musical obsession of David Cassidy by two Welsh girls The story follows them through those awful early teen years of trying to fit in with the cool girls group but never fully making it But in the process, they find friendship together and their mutual love for teen pop star David Cassidy They enter a teen pop quiz devoted entirely to him with the grand prize being an all expense paid trip to LA to see him perform live and then meet him after A teen girls dream come true This story is about friendship and how it can survive over time, even when neg Delightful read I really enjoyed how the book was divided in 2 parts Who doesn t remember their crush I listened to this on audio CD, which provided the wonderful Welsh and British accents that really enriched the story.The first half of the book describes the extreme crushes on then teen idol David Cassidy held by a 1970s Welsh teenage girl, Petra, and her friends By turns humorous and bittersweet, it perfectly chronicles the social angst of trying to be part of the crowd as a teenager The characterization of the manipulative and somewhat nasty leader, the perfect Jillian, is spot on for that age group.It also tells the story of a young college grad who finds himself in the embarrassing position of writing for a David Cassidy fan club magazine The young man must pretend to be David Cassidy and write gushy essays to David s fans He makes up a lot of it even David s favorite color, which he says is brown The plot crescendos at the fateful real life Cassidy concert in White City, at which the hysterical mobs caused dozens of injuries and the eventual death of one young girl.The second half of the book, which is also witty and absorbing, follows Petra and the journalist into later life, when their paths cross again The character of Sharon, Petra s childhood best friend who is now all grown up, added just the touch of brightness and humor the story needed I fell in love with Sharon s hilariously sweet and unpretentious observations.One of my favorite parts of the book was the afterword, in which the author interview It took me a little while to get in to this story I abandoned it earlier this summer when I couldn t connect with the mindset of the pre teen Petra who narrates the first 1 3 of the book After listening to a repeat of interview with Allison Pearson on Fresh Air a few weeks ago I picked it up again and stuck with it I m so glad I did, there is some really beautiful prose in this story While the plot seeks to examine the phase of teenage obsession that so many girls go through, I found Pearson to be at her best when dealing with the complex territory of mother loss and female group dynamics in the last 2 3 of the book that focuses on the adult Petra A few favorite passages Page 172 Surely you should be able to call come kind of emergency service and say, Look, I m terribly sorry, but I am unable to process these two appalling blows simultaneously Can I arrange to have one of them taken away Page 182 It s not always easy to recognize the significant moments in your life as you re living them, but Petra understands this is one of them To stand in the hall and to realize that neither of her parents will ever answer the phone again Nor will she need to ever dial their number Death itself is too big to take in, she already sees that the loss comes at you in an infinite number of small installments

About the Author: Allison Pearson

Allison Pearson was born in South Wales An award winning journalist, she was named Newcomer of the Year at the British Book Awards for her first novel, I Don t Know How She Does It Allison has written for many magazines and newspapers including the Daily Telegraph, the Independent, the Observer, the Sunday Times and the London Evening Standard For four years she was the popular Wednesday column

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