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Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media In This Pathbreaking Work, Edward S Herman And Noam Chomsky Show That, Contrary To The Usual Image Of The News Media As Cantankerous, Obstinate, And Ubiquitous In Their Search For Truth And Defense Of Justice, In Their Actual Practice They Defend The Economic, Social, And Political Agendas Of The Privileged Groups That Dominate Domestic Society, The State, And The Global Order.Based On A Series Of Case Studies Including The Media S Dichotomous Treatment Of Worthy Versus Unworthy Victims, Legitimizing And Meaningless Third World Elections, And Devastating Critiques Of Media Coverage Of The U.S Wars Against Indochina Herman And Chomsky Draw On Decades Of Criticism And Research To Propose A Propaganda Model To Explain The Media S Behavior And Performance Their New Introduction Updates The Propaganda Model And The Earlier Case Studies, And It Discusses Several Other Applications These Include The Manner In Which The Media Covered The Passage Of The North American Free Trade Agreement And Subsequent Mexican Financial Meltdown Of 1994 1995, The Media S Handling Of The Protests Against The World Trade Organization, World Bank, And International Monetary Fund In 1999 And 2000, And The Media S Treatment Of The Chemical Industry And Its Regulation What Emerges From This Work Is A Powerful Assessment Of How Propagandistic The U.S Mass Media Are, How They Systematically Fail To Live Up To Their Self Image As Providers Of The Kind Of Information That People Need To Make Sense Of The World, And How We Can Understand Their Function In A Radically New Way.

About the Author: Edward S. Herman

Edward S Herman was an economist and media analyst with a specialty in corporate and regulatory issues as well as political economy and the media He was Professor Emeritus of Finance at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania He also taught at Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania He received his Bachelor of Arts from University of Pennsylvania in 1945 and PhD in 1953 from the University of California, Berkeley wikipedia

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    I passed up a chance to buy this book some twenty years ago, and have not been able to locate a copy since It s a shame, because Chomsky talks about how the so called free press is anything but free they are bent on fabricating news to manufacture consent among the populace to further their corporate agenda Chomsk

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    On the evenintellectual edge of the left, Noam Chomsky has relentlessly fought against the blindness of American foreign policy and how the press manipulates public opinion to endorse and encourage catastrophes such as the Vietnam War andrecently, the disaster of the two Iraq Wars, the War in Afghanistan, etc This book e

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    Forceful and harrowing, Manufacturing Consent lucidly breaks down how the U.S mass media dutifully serves elite interests Authors Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman demonstrate through a series of incisive case studies that,often than not, America s massive media conglomerates parrot the agenda of the government and major multinati

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    I ve been a journalist for 15 years now, and I ve often wondered how it is that the mass media in the United States manage to project the image of being defenders of democracy while actually deterring it.Having just read Manufacturing Consent The Political Economy of the Mass Media, by Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman, I finally underst

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    The illusion of a mature awareness is a propaganda model.Please note that I put the original German text at the end of this review Just if you might be interested.In modern media, it is important never to let the uncomfortable and in depth facts crawl too far out of their sockets For this it is best to mention them in the shortest newsflashe

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    Politicians are like hookers You can t be one unless you can pretend to like people while you re fucking them In summary the propaganda model works like this Bullshit politician with biased information is seen as an expert Expert gives bullshit to news organization to inform the public News organization repeats bullshit with cute voices and opinion

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    This was one of the books that had a great impact on my life It s an amazing and comprehensive exploration of the origin, development and operation of the modern media The authors come at this material from the standpoint that the media functions primarily as a powerful tool for social control The world view presented in the media is essentially that of t

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    Hard to rate The ideas were great but it was a real slog of a read, so I can t recommend it Paragraphs like the following were not uncommon Meanwhile, because of the power of establishment sources, the flak machines, and anti Communist ideology, we would anticipate outcries that the worthy victims are being sorely neglected, that the unworthy are treated with ex

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    If you can slog through it not that it s written poorly, it s just that the subjects that are covered have, to most people, the intrinsic appeal of lint analysis you will be rewarded with a new way to look at the mass media and a new framework with which you can apply your own critical analysis.Congratulations.

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    I read this in the 1990s It still applies to corporate media in some ways but media has evolved since the 1980s quite a bit I am waiting on Matt Taibbi s update which is coming out in Fall 2019 but this classic it still clarified how we are manipulated by corporate media Here is a short vid on the thesis.https www.youtube.com watch v EjJXnhttps www.youtube.com watch v pf tQUp

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