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A Midsummer Tights Dream A Midsummer Tights Dream Read Author Louise Rennison Pandorajewelry70off.us Performing Arts College, Here I Come Again Hold On To Your Tights Because I M Holding On To Mine, I Can Tell You.Tallulah Casey Is Back And Ready To Irish Comedy Dance Her Way Through Another Term At Dother Hall, But Now That She S Been Officially Admitted To The Performing Arts Program, That Won T Cut It Any Especially If She S Going To Help Raise Enough Money To Keep The School From Closing At The End Of The Year.There Are Also Some Distractions To Worry About The Boys Of Woolfe Academy Are Lingering About And They Are Still Boys, So They Are Still Confusing.Will Tallulah Be Able To Test Out Her New Snogging Skills And Ace Her Performance In This Term S Project, A Midsummer Night S Dream Only Time And Irish Comedy Dancing Will Tell.Louise Rennison Returns With Her Trademark Sidesplitting Humor, Sending Tallulah And Her Mates On Another Riotously Spectacular Mis Adventure. Further embarrassment, boy drama and Irish dancing await Tallulah she returns to Dother Hall for the autumn term The crazily staffed all girls is facing financial difficulties from cruel hearted bankers who have no empathy with Artistry and simply say, We do not care about ballet, get out your wallet Meanwhile, Honey says a very tearful goodbye after being scouted by Hollywood, Charlie is desperate to talk to Tallulah about his girl at home despite her Ice Treatment of him, Phil is plotting how to get back to Woolfe so he can see Jo and Flossie is dead set on capturing Seth And Cain Cain is wandering about on the moors with his dog, annoying the Bottomleys and confusing Tallulah.Can Tallulah forget about the thing whate Rating, 2.5 STARS This book was kindly received as a giveaway arc from Goodreads First Reads. So, corkers, what is up with those things In A Midsummer Tights Dream there were highs and lows We are returning with funny girl Tallulah as she takes on her first term at Dother Hall and wild hijinks ensue Tallulah is a really fun character, so reading about her misadventures is always interesting However, I had my share of problems Actually quite a few This time the writing itself was much easier for me to understand then it was for the first book, my first encounter with the very British style of Rennison But by over half way through I eventually knew things were going badly because, despite the fact that I was interested in the story, I just wanted to finish it I wanted to be done so I would be done.Nothing really happens in this book All the events can be summed up within a couple of sentences, but because this is a novel, of course things needed to be extended a bit beyond that This means that there was quite a bit of filler, a lot of back and forth, a lot of Tallulah just walking from place to place while she muses about her corkers Although I did enjoy When I saw this in the library I was like there s no way I can t get it because Louise Rennison is one of the very few authors that cant make me laugh out loud I though I would ve been a bit too old for her books now but obviously not Now I have to wait a WHOLE YEAR just to get the next one Oh Louise is also very good at making creating male characters that you just fall in love with oh man ie.Charlie and Adam maybe even Cian and all of Charlie s mates too The mentions of Georgia and the Ace gang in this book were lovely because I really miss reading about her but I was kind of hoping it would say something about Dave but nope Anyway A Midsummer Tights Dream is similar to The Confessions of Georgia Nicolson ie The gang name, the bucket load of boys that are always causing a dilemma, the see you later situation I m not going to say it s not as good as Georgia s story because they re both different in the Tallulah is back on her way north She was able to secure a position at the elite acting school Dother Hall, despite her obvious lack of talent and the hatred of one of the teachers Yet her mother still thinks she s too young to be living at the boarding school and therefore makes Lulah extend her stay with the Dobbinses At least this means she s closer to her young mate Ruby, and Ruby s sexy older brother Alex, even if he s off at school, he has to visit sometime doesn t he Also, staying with the Dobbinses has the benefit of heat, running water, plumbing The school has taken a bit of a downturn, economically speaking, they owe than a little in taxes and might just lose the hall, unless a miracle happens Yet, the crisis of the school and their production of A Midsummer Nights Dream, in the middle of December, is not really on Tallulah s mind as much as it should be Instead she is weighing the merits of boys Alex, so Mr Darcy, so much in Liverpool Charlie, who kissed her and then wanted to be just friends because he has a girl back home Then there s Cain The bad boy The Heathcliff of the town He s bad, everyone knows he is He licked a hail stone off Tallulah s face He LICKED HER That s not even on the snogging scale that s just, weird and gross yet when Cain does take a fancy to her mouth, she doesn t know what to make of her conflicting feelings The shame of the detestable Cain, the fact that the local girls would beat her up if they knew, the fact that she might

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