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Riding on Dukes Train Man Talk about a time machine This book takes the reader by the brain and doesn t let go If you love Duke and his musicians or if you want to learn about Duke this is the place to start I love, love, love this book just as much as Travels With Louis But it s different, because Duke was different from Pops Duke s mystery, his music, h What a fun story I felt like the narrator Danny himself as he climbs aboard the train and plays poker with Ivie Anderson and Johnny Hodges As a boy I dreamed of playing with Duke but did not have the talent Through reading this book I had the chance to travel with the Ellington Band My favorite character was Rex, always writing, always playing music on his horn So many great scenes the characters being chased by Nazis, the quiet night in Westminster Abbey, the concerts in the Apollo I was a boy in those days and this book brought me back My grandson loves this book as well as Travels With Louis and he is Duke Used To Say That The Individual Sound Of A Musician Revealed His Soul Mick Carlon Is A Soul Storyteller Nat Hentoff, Author Of Jazz Country A Ripping Good Yarn Plunges The Reader Into The World Of Duke Ellington And The America Of 1939 Brian Morton, Author Of The Penguin Guide To Jazz Wonderfully Convincing And Authentic Characterizations A Thoroughly Enjoyable Read Dan Morgenstern, Author Of Living With JazzWe Encounter Not Only Duke S Genius, But His Character And Humanity This Is One Train You Won T Want To Get Off Dick Golden, Radio Host When This Marvelously Evocative Novel Finds A Home In The School Curriculum, Kids Across America Will Be Downloading Duke Jack Bradley Excellent Command Of Voice, Period, And Ethnic Dialect Clear Love And In Depth Knowledge Of Ellington And His Band Alexandria LaFaye, Author Of The KeeningNine Year Old Danny Stows Away On Duke Ellington S Train One Georgia Night Through Danny S Eyes, We Meet Some Of America S Finest Musicians As He Accompanies Them On Their 1939 European Tour, When The Train Was Briefly Held In Germany Says Nat Hentoff, I Knew Duke Ellington For Twenty Five Years The Ellington In This Book Is The Man I Knew Mick Carlon Is A Twenty Seven Year Veteran English Journalism High And Middle School Teacher A Lifelong Jazz Fan, He Regularly Plays Jazz In His Classroom And Has Turned Hundreds Of Students Into Jazz Fans He Says, If Young People Are Simply Exposed To The Music And Stories Of These American Artists, They Will Make A Friend For Life. I read the author s Travels With Louis first and loved it so I was excited to read Riding on Duke s Train From the first page with a Parisian gypsy fortune teller to the last page in a quiet Irish glade, this novel takes the reader on an amazing voyage I must confess that the story brought back nostalgic memories, because my dear grandfather, gone all these years, was a devoted Ellington fan and Duke s music on 78s was always playing in his home I enjoyed this novel so much that I immediately began it again, something I rarely do So many books to get to, you understand This time I took my time, looking up many of the musicians on YouTube to see what they looked like You can find lovely clips of Ivie Anderson, Johnny Rabbit Hodges, Rex Stewart, Cootie Williams and many of the other musicians described here My favorite part was the visit to Paris, a city I ve been dreaming of visiting again I haven t been since 1967 Mick Carlon writes one of those sentences that stays with a reader, at least this one It s a late night in April and Duke s band has just played a show to a sell out Parisian audience The narrator is a young boy named Danny Here it is The rain had stopped and the stars were bright over Pa From page one this novel grabbed me If you enjoy Duke Ellington, jazz, or simply a fun, well told story, you will love Riding on Duke s Train My granddaughter came home from school talking endlessly about this novel, so I had My son bugged me to read this and I couldn t stop From page one with a mysterious gypsy fortune teller in Paris in 1937 to the last page, Riding on Duke s Train takes the reader on a special voyage I didn t know much about Duke Ellington before reading this, but now I ve been downloading his music, along with Johnny Hodges , Rex Stewart s, and Django Reinhardt s A very special book that can open a new world of jazz to a reader I Simply enchanting Word is that the Emmy Award winning filmmaker Ken Kimmelman is making a feature length film of this marvelous novel and it will be something to see I recommend Riding on Duke s Train with great enthusiasm I can see why t Like the same author s Travels With Louis, I credit this novel with inspiring my sons to read Not only that, but to listen to jazz Both of my sons did not like to read until they discovered Riding on Duke s Train it is one exciting and f For two days this book took over my spare time I feel like I ve traveled with young Danny, Duke Ellington, Rex, Ivie, Rabbit and all the gang across the America and Europe of 1939 Like Mick Carlon s Travels With Louis, this book is centered around a jazz figure But this is a different book of an adventure story Young Dan, an orphan, climbs onto a train one night and the train belongs to Duke The musicians basically adopt the boy and he gets to see the world as a result All I can say is that this novel would make an outstandingly exciting movie I m quoting my grandson This book has made me seek out Duke Ellington s music I m now a fan These two jazz novels are simply outstanding, a rare treat Any books Riding on Duke s Train is a REALLY GREAT BOOK It s written as a middle grade novel but definitely holds the attention of adults Enter the world of Danny as he hitches a ride on Duke s train and you won t be disappointed It inspired me to look up Duke and his musicians Johnny Hodges, Harry Carney, Rex Stewart, Tricky Sam Nanton, Barney Bigard, Ivie Anderson on YouTube and now I ve

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Riding on Dukes Train book, this is one of the most wanted Mick Carlon author readers around the world.

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