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Along Came a Spider (Alex Cross, #1) The Classic Thriller That Launched The Alex Cross Series, The 1 Detective Series Of The Past Twenty Five Years A Missing Little Girl Named Maggie Rose A Family Of Three Brutally Murdered In The Projects Of Washington, D.C The Thrill Killing Of A Beautiful Elementary School Teacher A Psychopathic Serial Kidnapper Murderer Who Is So Terrifying That The FBI, The Secret Service, And The Police Cannot Outsmart Him Even After He S Been Captured.Gary Soneji Wants To Commit The Crime Of The Century Alex Cross Is The Brilliant Homicide Detective Pitted Against Him Jezzie Flanagan Is The First Female Supervisor Of The Secret Service Who Completes One Of The Most Unusual Suspense Triangles In Any Thriller You Have Ever Read Alex Cross And Jezzie Flanagan Are About To Have A Forbidden Love Affair At The Worst Possible Time For Both Of Them Because Gary Soneji Is Playing At The Top Of His Game The Latest Of The Unspeakable Crimes Happens In Alex Cross S Precinct It Happens Under The Noses Of Jezzie Flanagan S Men Now Alex Cross Must Face The Ultimate Test How Do You Outmaneuver A Brilliant Psychopath

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    James Patterson The man writes a book and you read it It s plain and simple He knows how to write a mother fucking story This wasn t the first book I read but damn The dude keeps makin a brother come back forIt gets even better when you re reading a book about the REAL OG Alex Cross.Short attention span Jam

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    No wonder the literary world is polluted with so many shitty writers They see how well this fucking hack has sold, read his work, and aspire to fucking mediocrity James Patterson outsells Pulitzer Prize winning authors, but his writing I refuse to call this bullshit prose is barely one step above motherfucking pictur

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    I am honestly speechless after reading that Everything that a thriller should be I am embarrassed to say that this is the first James Patterson book I have read excluding his book shot series.Although I was unfamiliar with his work I think everyone who likes fiction has heard of Alex Cross.He was one of many standout character

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    This is the first book I ve read in the Alex Cross series and it won t certainly be the last James Patterson is a fabulous author as I m sure many would agree and when it comes to writing a page turner he sure knows how to keep the reader turning the pages at a fast pace Along Came A Spider is a book with the lot, mystery, crime, suspen

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    I have been recommending this book for years Yes, the movie adaptation was terrible yes, some of the later Alex Cross entries were somewhat weak I m looking at you, Violets Are Blue But the first book of the Alex Cross series is still an amazing read What really made this book work for me was the antagonist, Gary So...

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here ALONG CAME A SPIDER Police Procedural US Cont PoorPatterson, James 1st in seriesWarner Books, 1992 PaperbackThe daughter of a famous actress and son of the secretary of the Treasury has been kidnapped The boy s body is found and the kidnapper demands that Detective Alex Cross b

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    It was a few years back that I read Along Came The Spider I found the plot is predictable just like those typical Hollywood thriller movies I could not find the book much engrossing, and was rather disappointed by the climax which was a cliched twist, and ruins whatever was, if any, good in the plot before It was only the psychopathic villain, Gary Soneji, that appe

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    ALONG CAME a SPIDER Alex Cross, 1 is the classic thriller that launched the Alex Cross series, the 1 detective series of the past twenty five years Excellent book full of action and a ending I never saw coming This novel is a game of cat and mouse ...

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    Wow, where do I begin This book inspired me to write a literary review for English class discussing why a a book like this should NEVER have made it onto the bestsellers list IF YOU ENJOYED THIS BOOK OR THE ALEX CROSS SERIES, PLEASE DON T CONTINUE Some major points include Alex Cross is an incredibly boring, clich , slightly racist, unrealistic character The italicization of random wor

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    So interesting I haven t seen the movie so this whole plot and the characters were new to me I found it very entertaining with some great twists Now that I am done the Women s Murder Club I am trying to deci...

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