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Im Not a Plastic Bag A heartbreaking, necessary graphic novel The beauty of the illustration is an intelligent juxtaposition to the subject This graphic novel is a remarkable demonstration of art and a call to action combined, neither compromised In fact, both are made powerful Our oceans are dying Art can save lives Art is life I m still reeling from the power and devastation and a faint glimmer of hope As is said in Seuss s The Lorax unless someone like you cares a while awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it s not.I will definitely read this again. First off, the art is terrific Very fluid and with lots of texture and depth Loved it Secondly, I don t know if this would have worked as well without the back matter, explanation of the Pacific Garbage Patch, resources on what the impact of garbage is to animals and wildlife Which then I question, does the graphic novel portion stand by itself And I m not sure if there is enough to say yes I think had it been informational rather than emotional it might have worked better I felt the story did not have the emotional impact it could have if the story had not simplified the real devestation that this problem causes It was a little too pat for me But again great art and a good companion title for a unit on ecology issues and the enviornment. Foreward By Jeff Corwin Based On The Real Life Occurrence Of The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, An Island Of Floating Trash In A Remote Area Of The Northern Pacific Ocean Than Twice The Size Of Texas, I M Not A Plastic Bag Tells A Moving Story About Loneliness, Beauty, And Humankind S Connection To Our Planet Produced In Conjunction With American Forests And The Global ReLeaf Programs, Archaia Will Plant Two Trees For Each Tree Used In The Manufacturing Of This Book Presented In Partnership With JeffCorwinConnect, A Global, Ecological, Educational And Entertainment Multimedia Company Launched By Jeff Corwin, The Popular Wildlife Expert And Nature Conservationist Lovely article about this book over at Treehugger In the middle of the ocean, all alone save for visiting sea birds and a giant squid, wanders the Great Pacific Garbage Patch the sad monster protagonist of this charming yet profound graphic novel Plus The book will debut Archaia s fabulous new printing initiative in conjunction with Global PSD Through the efforts of American Forests and the Global ReLeaf Program, for each tree that is cut down for the printing of I m Not a Plastic Bag, two trees will be planted. I don t get the ending necessarily I m a bit of a literalist, so all I can think is now the garbage is in the sky The anthropomorphism of a pile of trash into something with a heart is an interesting one, and I get the whole I m trying to fit in but ultimately don t belong approach It s just the ending that has me puzzled But how many other ways can you end when you begin with that Ultimately the awareness that such a pile of trash exists is enough to start a conversation around it. Interesting, but confusing Could be a good tie in to our fifth grade trash power curricular unit, particularly to launch discussions, but the story trajectory was not entirely clear While I get that there is art and allegory here, the last vignette doesn t make sense i like the rustic recycled style hardcover, but I m concerned that it won t hold up to K 5 borrowing I m curious as to whether it is actually a green design or just for aesthetics, but I didn t find any info about it in the text. A wordless allegorical tale told through stunning, arresting, heart wrenching images An excellent book to use with all ages in discussions of enironmental issues Pair this one with Loree Burns s Tracking Trash Houghton, 2007 and Ted Kooser s Bag in the Wind Candlewick, 2010 Beautiful illustrations and pertinent environmental story about garbage. While beautifully drawn, I found that the plot of this book made me feel that I was rooting for the garbage, which I don t think was the purpose of the book.Told wordlessly, the garbage patch uses the garbage within it to form eyes a tire and an umbrella and a mouth which gaps to reveal words Hello or Come In We re Open.The garbage patch is lonely and wants friends and since the garbage path is polluting the ocean and killing sea life, that seems a counter intuitive story line for the book.I wish the author had made the garbage a little less sympathetic.And no, the end did not redeem this flaw for me. Story 2 starsArt 4 starsWordless children s graphic novel about the issue of garbage dumps accumulating in our oceans There s not a lot of plot here, and what exists is difficult to discern, especially in the last couple chapters Is the bird who flew off with the plastic bag dead in chapter five And what exactly happens to the huge trash island in the end Did it become a cloud Or a constellation And where did all the trash go Is it now polluting the air, rather than the water As you can see, I have a lot of questions that the book doesn t answer.But I m a huge proponent of recycling and cleaning up the environment So the last four double page spreads contain vital information that, for me, make the book worthwhile Those pages include an explanation of the very real Great Pacific Garbage Patch out at sea, a list of the Top Ten Items Found in Ocean Debris , photos and descriptions of several Threatened Marine Wildlife , and a list of suggested ways we can all help reduce the trash that collects so rapidly in our environment.Illustrations are lovely Those clouds are luscious Clever visual anthropomorphizing of the trash heap.

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