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The Rookies Assignment (Fitzgerald Bay, #2) Second book in Fitzgerald Bay series Hansen makes the second installment a fun and action filled read This was a fast read and very enjoyable.The youngest Fitzgerald sibling and rookie cop, Keira, has been assigned a new temporary partner, Nick Delfino The family is unaware that he is on a mission to determine if the Fitzgerald family is trying to corrupt the investigation in Olivia Henry s murder Several people are having issues with the investigation The Fitzgeralds , the founding family Second book in Fitzgerald Bay series Hansen makes the second installment a fun and action filled read This was a fast read and very enjoyable.The 4 stelle e mezza BOOKS The Rookies Assignment Fitzgerald Bay, 2 Author Valerie Hansen Lalaweek.us Law Enforcement In Fitzgerald Bay Is Full Of Fitzgeralds, From The Chief Of Police To Brand New Detective Keira Fitzgerald Are They Tampering With A Murder Investigation To Protect One Of Their Own Internal Affairs Detective Nick Delfino Is Sent Undercover To Investigate The Powerful Clan Yet The Deeper He Digs, The Nick Comes To Admire The Fitzgeralds Especially His Rookie Partner, Keira When A Killer Targets Nick, Can He Maintain His Cover, Catch His Attacker And Protect Keira While The Looming Danger Closes In Another goody No closer to the killer but 2 new suspects have been revealed. The Rookie s Assignment by Valerie HansenFitzgerald Bay Book 2Keira Fitzgerald is the youngest of the Fitzgerald clan And a rookie on the police force She wants to be the best she can but it s tough when your dad and brothers on the force still see you as a little girl When a newcomer joins in to help solve Olivia Henry s murder case Keira gets to partner with him, someone who isn t family and teaches her to be better at her job No Nick Delfino and Keira Fitzgerald are assigned as partners Nick doesn t realize that danger has followed him to the previously quiet Fitzgerald Bay. Second in the Fitzgerald series is Keira Fitzgerald.the youngest family member and the one most protected by four big brothers.Since Keira grew up a tomboy, always trying to keep up with her brothers, it is no surprise to any of them when she attends police academy and graduates a rookie cop What does surprise them is her natural abilities physical and mental for the job.The Hennessys, determined to destroy the Fitzgerald family, has requested an The writing is good and it kept my interest, mostly because I like the suspense part of this book and I like the series I question the romance The author takes a guy with a ride in on a white horse complex, and a tomboy who grew up fighting off an over protective father and several brothers, still trying to prove herself in a man s profession My daughter is a totally athletic young woman As a participant in this and other continuity series I have to agree that sometimes the overall premise can be a bit outlandish but remember, it has to carry readers through a group of books, each of which tells its own story as well as furt I love Keira s personality and how she handles the tricky situation with Nick That said, I m not wild about how the cops in general respond to the Internal Affairs investigation It seems like they d want someone ensuring everyone s on the up and up While they get over Nick s deceit, I d have expec

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