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Capitalism, Socialism And Democracy Remains One Of The Greatest Works Of Social Theory Written This Century When It First Appeared The New English Weekly Predicted That For The Next Five To Ten Years It Will Cetainly Remain A Work With Which No One Who Professes Any Degree Of Information On Sociology Or Economics Can Afford To Be Unacquainted Fifty Years On, This Prediction Seems A Little Understated.Why Has The Work Endured So Well Schumpeter S Contention That The Seeds Of Capitalism S Decline Were Internal, And His Equal And Opposite Hostility To Centralist Socialism Have Perplexed, Engaged And Infuriated Readers Since The Book S Publication By Refusing To Become An Advocate For Either Position Schumpeter Was Able Both To Make His Own Great And Original Contribution And To Clear The Way For A Balanced Consideration Of The Most Important Social Movements Of His And Our Time. Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy

About the Author: Joseph Alois Schumpeter

Joseph Alois Schumpeter 8 February 1883 8 January 1950 was an Austrian American economist and political scientist He briefly served as Finance Minister of Austria in 1919 One of the most influential economists of the 20th century, Schumpeter popularized the term creative destruction in economics.

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    Brilliant at times, but also pigheaded my star rating would only detract from acomprehensive understanding of the book deservestime and effort than I can spare here, so I m going to instead present a fraction of my notesSchumpeter might be loosely grouped with the other Austrian School of economists, but I see traces of him in some neo Marxist thought, including Wallerstein and Sweezy, as well as many of the neo Keynesians Schu

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    Comment In the end it will be seen that the greatest enemy of capitalism was always democracy, i.e the will of the people Once the people turn anti capitalistic, under the influence of a disaffected intelligencia, there is absolutely nothing that can stand against them Schumpeter at one and the same time believes that Capitalism is the most adequate description of economic reality and that it is doomed How is this possible But it

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    This is a classic of economics and of entrepreneurship that lots of people have read in their undergraduate economics or business classes It is worth reading to get the full perspective of Schumpeter s view of how the economy works This is perhaps the most articulate statement on the role of of creative destruction and innovation as critical to the success of capitalism It is also also very cynical of Marxist approaches to economics

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    It shows how democracy is a vast conspiracy, elections are fraudulent, individual votes are useless, and human nature is corrupt.

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    In the wake of the Second World War, Joseph Schumpeter wrote an exceptionally intriguing book that everyone, capitalist or socialist in persuasion, should read, and will probably enjoy reading Heavily inspired by Marx and especially his theory of history, as much a sociological as an economic text, and broad ranging in its analysis of the relationship between capital and society, it s a difficult book to pin down, and clearly the product o

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    Schumpeter is best remembered for having coined the term creative destruction a process well understood today whereby entire industries and the jobs that go with them are continually rendered obsolete as new products, new technologies, new ways to make money emerge Schumpeter speculates about the possibility of a democratic socialist utopia, but he unconvincingly discounts the reality of human acquisitiveness and the desire for upward mobilit

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    Schumpeter lived a very, well, Schumpeterian lifestyle, battered up and down and around the world by the winds of economic turmoil He argues that this undulating dynamism is in fact the defining attribute of capitalism and the reason it has been so undeniably successful at achieving economic growth Unlike most economists he defends capitalism warts and all He fully recognizes that we have never lived in anything like a perfectly competitive effi

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    Schumpeter must have been a really shitty human being to hang out with And his dating profile must have been intolerable to even read Schumpeter does a better take down of socialism and Marx than Hayek or Von Mises, but never gets into any libertarian sounding nonsense and his shtick about capitali...

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    Excellent An Austrian economist I can read and agree with most of the time One of the best analysts since Weber.

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    I got to read selective parts of this book and thought the analysis of Marxist thought was incredibly insightful and Schumpeter s prediction of capitalism s end compellingly argued Particularly his analysis of Democracy as a mode of self determination both politically and e...

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