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Glimmer Train Stories #82 Short Stories Torture Techniques Of North Americans , By Lee Montgomery Chance , By Peter Ho Davies When The Wind Blows The Water Gray , By Clayton Luz A Season By The Shore , By Laura Groff The Tunnel, Or The News From Spain , By Joan Wikersham Insurance , By James F Sidel Quarry , By Micah Nathan Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Connecticut , By Lindsay Sproul While Surrounded By Water , By Stefanie Freele Spatial Disorientation , By Christopher BundyFeatures Silenced Voices Mikhail Beketov, By Cathal SheerinInterview With Katherine Min, By Margo WilliamsThe Last PagesPast Contributing Authors And ArtistsComing Soon Special standouts include When the Wind Blows the Water Gray The Tunnel, or, The News From Spain Insurance Quarry

About the Author: Susan Burmeister-Brown

Linda B Swanson Davis, and Susan and Linda are the current editors of Glimmer Train, one of the top literary journals in the country If you walk on to a college campus or find someone who follows contemporary literature, they might not know Susan, but they will certainly know her achievements and influence in the literary world Glimmer Train has been publishing for 18 years, and the publication is consistently outstanding Susan is a lover of fiction and stories.

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