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Eva Luna Meet New York Times Bestselling Author Isabel Allende S Most Enchanting Creation, Eva Luna A Lover, A Writer, A Revolutionary, And Above All A Storyteller Available For The First Time In EbookEva Luna Is The Daughter Of A Professor S Assistant And A Snake Bitten Gardener Born Poor, Orphaned At An Early Age, And Working As A Servant Eva Is A Naturally Gifted And Imaginative Storyteller Who Meets People From All Stations And Walks Of Life Though She Has No Wealth, She Trades Her Stories Like Currency With People Who Are Kind To Her In This Novel, She Shares The Story Of Her Own Life And Introduces Readers To A Diverse And Eccentric Cast Of Characters Including The Lebanese Migr Who Befriends Her And Takes Her In Her Unfortunate Godmother, Whose Brain Is Addled By Rum And Who Believes In All The Catholic Saints And A Few Of Her Own Invention A Street Urchin Who Grows Into A Petty Criminal And, Later, A Leader In The Guerrilla Struggle A Celebrated Transsexual Entertainer Who Instructs Her In The Ways Of The Adult World And A Young Refugee Whose Flight From Postwar Europe Will Prove Crucial To Eva S FateAs Eva Tells Her Story, Isabel Allende Conjures Up A Whole Complex South American Nation The Rich, The Poor, The Simple, And The Sophisticated In A Novel Replete With Character And Incident, With Drama And Comedy And History, With Battles And Passions, Rebellions And Reunions, A Novel That Celebrates The Power Of Imagination To Create A Better World

About the Author: Isabel Allende

Isabel Allende Llona is a Chilean American novelist Allende, who writes in the magic realism tradition, is considered one of the first successful women novelists in Latin America She has written novels based in part on her own experiences, often focusing on the experiences of women, weaving myth and realism together She has lectured and done extensive book tours and has taught literature at several US colleges She currently resides in California with her husband Allende adopted U.S citizenship in 2003.

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    Eva Luna , by Isabel Allende was first written in 1987 translated from Spanish to English I ve read most books of her books but never read this one..which is now available as a Kindle download for 2.99Eva, a storyteller much like Isabel Allende, and revolutionary , begins this story narrating in first person She describes her mother, Consuelo

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    Earlier this year, my friend Nina and I were discussing internationally written literature, specifically from Latin America We both had a connection to it for a few reasons, which prompted her to suggest a buddy read We settled on Isabel Allende, and she selected Eva Luna We spent the last week reading the book and discussing some of the key points

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    Perhaps it is merely a reflection of my feebleness as a reader that I assume the basic conceit of any first person novel is for the author to be the narrator,or less In my defense, this book is dedicated to Allende s mother And the story itself is about a girl who loses her mother and loves her mother deeply and has all kinds of wooooonderful adventures,

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    I found that reading this book was a bit like attending a storytellers cocktail party, at which the hostess the author has got drunk and decided to rapidly parade every unusual and eccentric character she could possibly imagine before the gathering, in order to impress her friends A host of unusual tales tumble out of this book, like so many magpie gathered jew

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    I can t say this book is among my five favorite from Isabel Allende, but that doesn t mean this isn t a really good book It mostly means Allende is an excellent writer, and there are many of her books to make the list.One of the things I liked most, is the dual narrative One side telling the story of Eva, the protagonist, conceived when Eva s mother takes pity on a m

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    She placed at my feet the treasures of the Orient, the moon, and beyond She reduced me to the size of an ant so I could experience the universe from that smallness she gave me wings to see it from the heavens she gave me the tail of a fish so I would know the depths of the sea I ve read a few of Allende s novels and her memoir I must say, I ve settled on this one as my fav

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    The first book I ve read by Isabel Allende, and she reminds me of Neil Gaiman mesmerising popular storytelling at its best Eva Luna is a novel from the 1980s, and as such its use of stereotypes sometimes falls below standards now expected in the literary world, but the characters were so grand and involving that they often feltlike archetype than stereotype The unnamed fictional

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    For some reason, this is one of my all time favorite books I think I was deeply moved and inspired by the novel because of the formative time period in my life when I read it For me, it s about a woman who has had a difficult early life and who develops resilience and forbearance in the face of adversity The entire novel for me is about the journey not just of herself but of an entire

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    The Good The characters are all amazing mythical figures inhabiting an unnamed part of Latin America some time in the middle of the 20th century The setting is vivid, and the series of vignettes through the first half of the book read like fairy tales It s also pretty funny.The Bad The sense of magic really died away in the second half It became a fairly shallow political story full of neat

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    Eva Luna has a gift The child growing up in an unnamed South American country is blessed with the ability to weave compelling tales which enchant her audience children and adults alike It provides her with a way to survive in an extremely tough world She is born into the underclass and jobs are brutish, insecure and poorly paid People close to her die or get sick on a regular basis.Cue a fascinat

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