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Moranthology Download Moranthology Caitlin Moran 9tvuk.us Possibly The Only Drawback About The Bestselling How To Be A Woman Was That Its Author, Caitlin Moran, Was Limited To Pretty Much One Subject Being A Woman.InMORANTHOLOGY Caitlin Gets Quite Chatty About Many Subjects, Including Cultural, Social And Political Issues Which Are Usually Left To Hot Shot Wonks And Not A Woman Who Sometimes Keeps A Falafel In Her Handbag These Other Subjects IncludeCaffeine Ghostbusters Being Poor Twitter Caravans Obama Wales Paul McCartney The Welfare State Sherlock David Cameron Looking Like Ham Amy Winehouse The Big Society Big Hair Nutter Letters Michael Jackson S Funeral Failed Nicknames Wolverhampton Squirrels Testicles Sexy Tax Binge Drinking Chivalry Rihanna S Cardigan Party Bags Hot People Transsexuals The Gay Moon Landings

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    As far as I m concerned, Caitlin Moran is a genius Her style is chaotic and chatty on the surface, and she seems to have real problems understanding the semicolon, but under the bonnet every sentence is assembled with such beautiful precision Her phrases are spring loaded to take you by surprise And I suppose, because I also grew up in 80s 90s Britain, there is also something incred

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    Usually when I read anything by Caitlin Moran it ends with me wishing she were my best friend This collection of essays was no different As always, Moran is delightful, relatable, hilarious and truly entertaining.

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    I was going on a very long bus ride that I knew would leave me inevitably grumpy I wandered Barnes Noble, unable to find something funny to distract me from my impending angst Then I remembered that Caitlin Moran had another book out I swooped, I bought, I packed Now, 24 hours having purchased the book, I m finished.The think about reading Moran is that you feel like you re having dri

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    3.5 stars I really liked it, not quite a much as How to be a woman, but enough to read anything else she writes I could not identify with a lot of the articles as I have not watched any of the TV shows she reference and a lot of it is very British, but I was still giggling like a mad person, so that deserves high praise I love that she mixes personal anecdotes, real issues and celebrit

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    In a world where women still worry that they are too much too big, too loud, too demanding, too exuberant Taylor was a reminder what a delight it can be, for men and women alike, when a woman really does take full possession of her powers How incredibly light and refreshing this book was Caitlin Moran is a breath of fresh air She s sharp, funny and just reeks of intelligence My kind of

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    This collection of essays from The Times of London was a mixed bag Columns featuring her trademark strident feminism Yes, please Profiles of Keith Richards, Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga Sure, I m down for that A lengthy accounting of the royal wedding, punctuated by numerous tweets from British celebrities I d never heard of No thanks Reviews of Dr Who, Downton Abbey, and Sherlock, none of

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    4.5 starsHahahaha, I think I need a lie down now.So, what can I possibly say about Moranthology which hasn t already been said before In a nutshell, it s bloody fantastic, very accessible, loaded with sharp wit, an ever discerning eye and pumped full of silliness If Moranthology was a dessert, it would be a mash up of all your favourites with some sprinkles added on top.Caitlin Moran does

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    For those of us who are new to the phenomenon that is Caitlin Moran, this compilation of columns proves that she is an unparalleled artist, painting with a brush of words and a palette of intelligence, hilarity, conscience, introspection, and interpersonality In other words, her writing is wicked smart, uber perceptive, totally principled, and super freaking funny.Only two problems separat

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    Oh Cate I call her Cate, cause in my head, we re friends , stop making my girl crush on you worseA collection of the columns written for The Times encompassing Sherlock, why Ghostbusters is the best film ever made I agree whisper unless we include Jaws and Bill Murray is another of my very close imaginary friends , making stupid remarks while drunk, Mooncups I looked that up andI can t even

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    Why do I love her so much Quite simply because she s hilarious She makes excellent observations, which make you laugh, and at the same time consider often serious topics from a new light You learn something, you feel entertained What s not to love She also interviews celebs a lot Including a now super famous interview with Lady Gaga in Berlin which culminated in them all going off to a sex c

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