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Ours to Love Ours to Love didn t live up to the previous Wicked Lovers series Xander, when he made an appearance in an earlier book, was a dream A to die for sexy, alpha, who was a womanizing billionaire who was handsome as sin and just as charming In Ours to Love, I did not like him at all The heroine, London, captured my sympathies to a point, then she just became nauseating to me Add in the tortured, alcoholic older brother, Javier and you have a menage a mess.There s just so much about this book that I didn t like view spoiler The two Dom brothers were a lot to handle, especially for an innocent like London who had sustained spinal damage and couldn t even walk for years She also spent years in a coma, so she missed her adolescence altogether But these Dom s went hardcore with her after knowing her less than a week I m talking knife play and fire play We re supposed to believe that she trusted them enough to allow that but the Three is fun, but it s definitely a crowd.Was there ber hot sex Yes. Did I get everything I wanted for my favorite playboy Xander Hell NOI m definitely a girl who thinks m nage is hot, two hot sexy Latin lovers Sign me up now However, I m always left with the feeling of frustration when the relationship ends up triad relationship One woman being in love with two men, starting a family living happily ever after just doesn t work in the real world I had hoped for London to end up with one then the other brother s story continue to another book Bummer view spoiler Seriously, WTF How exactly do you marry two men, brother no less, start a family with those two men and live happily ever after Oh yeah, it s called polygamy I m no fuddy duddy at all, but I live in the real world and in 2,5 Me esperaba m s del libro de Xander, la verdad El insta love por parte de los protagonistas me ha parecido exagerado y, aunque hay cosas que me han gustado, la liosa forma de escribir de la autora hace dif cil reconocer cuando habla Xander y cuando lo hace su hermano Javier. DNFThis series has been hit or miss for me all along The last two books I really enjoyed but this one is a definite miss Heroine is a 25 year old virgin now ready to give it up to any man that will give her enough attention so she can spread her legs and both brothers are immature douchebags One is a drunk wallowing in grief and blaming the other brother for his wife s death the other is a 5000 partner mile high playboy Both end up wanting the heroine I could care less about the plot when I can t connect with any of the characters I digress after the last quoteLondon being alone with Javier would only bother you if you thought she was interested in your brother, too It doesn t matter Xander shook his head I saw her first That s mature, Luc Damn, it s like a reverse harem Hehe, I love it It frustrates me that I have to wait a year between books Angeline s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsReview copy provided for an honest review 4.5 StarsOurs to Love Wicked Lovers, Book 7 by Shayla Black is the much anticipated story of Xander Santiago, his brother Javier and London McLane True to her writing abilities, Miss Shayla once again delivers a great story.Xander and Javier are two brothers, who grew up together, but are virtual strangers Javier was groomed from an early age to take over the family business and not rely on his younger brother I loved Javi from the moment I met him, even in his grumpy, stubborn drunkenness There is just something so endearing to me about that man.Although, I ve always appreciated Xander in the previous books, I did not really care for him, especially in the beginning of this story It was Logan who put it in perspective for me Since I don t do spoilers, I will only say that when you read this part, you ll know what I m talking about My entire attitude towards Xander changed I was not alone I m thankful that Logan saved the day again We have these troubled men who seemingly have it all then in walks London and she lit the place up Of course, she has her own demons, but London is truly a good person She offers her friendship and heart without reservation to these men in the hope of helping BOOKS Ours To Love Author Shayla Black Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk Between Two Brothers Xander Santiago Spent Years Living It Up As A Billionaire Playboy Never Given A Chance To Lead His Family Business In The Boardroom, He Became A Master In The Bedroom Instead His Older Brother, Javier, Inherited The Company And Worked Tirelessly To Make It An Empire But While Cutthroat Corporate Espionage Took Its Toll On Javier, Nothing Was As Devastating As The Seemingly Senseless Murder Of His Wife It Propelled Him Into A Year Of Punishing Rage And Guilt Until Xander Came To His Rescue Comes An Irresistible Woman Eager To Rejuvenate Javier S Life, Xander Shanghais Him To Louisiana, Where They Meet Beautiful London McLane After A Decade Of Tragedy And Struggle, London Is Determined To Make A Fresh Start And These Sexy Billionaire Brothers Are Than Willing To Help In Every Way London Is Stunned To Find Herself Open To Every Heated Suggestion And Desperately Hoping That Her Love Will Heal Them And Inescapable Danger But A Killer Is Watching, On A Single Minded Mission To Destroy Everything The Santiago Brothers Hold Dear, Especially London As Fear And Desire Collide, Every Passionate Beat Of Her Heart Could Be Her Last. Ok, I liked this one way than I should have.Why you ask The story is unbelievable and the dialogue is often bad.BUT Shayla Black writes really good characters who I want to know about and even though the ending was predictable for anyone who has read the books in this series gorgeous yet dangerous and brilliant men are the targets of a plot that ends up putting the heroine in danger And oh yes, she is naturally submissive and they are DOMS who are shocked at the honesty and beauty of her natural submission so therefore THEY MUST HAVE HER NOW ALWAYS FOREVER But they neglect to tell her that and they push her too hard and too fast so she runs off No really, go back and think about it many of these books have that exact formula.In this one, we have the lovely, young, inexperienced but wanting to finally live her life, London She was in a tragic car accident that robbed her of many things She has come to love with her cousin Alyssa and her husband Luc in Lafeyette Alyssa owns a strip club London lets herself in and begins to do a strip tease to an empty house OR SO SHE THINKS Xander is watching her in the dark and HE MUST HAVE THIS BEAUTY.Next we meet his much darker brother Javier who spends his time at the bottom of vodka bottles Ciroc to be exact as we are told over and over again Xander has dragged him to Lafeyette to get him clean and sober before he kills himself as he tries to drown his guilt over the murder of a wife he never cared for let alone l Korkun

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