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The Columbus Affair A Family S Secret, A Ruthless Fanatic, And A Covert Arm Of The American Government All Are Linked By A Single Puzzling Possibility What If Everything We Know About The Discovery Of America Was A Lie What If That Lie Was Designed To Hide The Secret Of Why Columbus Sailed In 1492 And What If That 500 Year Old Secret Could Violently Reshape The Modern Political WorldPulitzer Prize Winning Investigative Journalist Tom Sagan Has Written Hard Hitting Articles From Hot Spots Around The World But When One Of His Stories From The Middle East Is Exposed As A Fraud, His Professional Reputation Crashes And Burns Now He Lives In Virtual Exile Haunted By Bad Decisions And A Shocking Truth He Can Never Prove That His Downfall Was A Deliberate Act Of Sabotage By An Unknown Enemy But Before Sagan Can End His Torment With The Squeeze Of A Trigger, Fate Intervenes In The Form Of An Enigmatic Stranger This Stranger Forces Sagan To Act And His Actions Attract The Attention Of The Magellan Billet, A Top Secret Corps Of The United States Justice Department That Deals With America S Most Sensitive Investigations Sagan Suddenly Finds Himself Caught In An International Incident, The Repercussions Of Which Will Shudder Not Only Washington, D.C., But Also Jerusalem Coaxed Into A Deadly Cat And Mouse Game, Unsure Who S Friend And Who S Foe, Sagan Is Forced To Vienna, Prague, Then Finally Into The Blue Mountains Of Jamaica Where His Survival Hinges On His Rewriting Everything We Know About Christopher Columbus Don T Miss Steve Berry S Short Story The Admiral S Mark And A Sneak Peek Of His New Novel, The King S Deception, In The Back Of The Book.

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    I usually love Steve Berry books I grab them off the shelves and read them quickly because they re genuine page turners and damn interesting The Columbus Affair, however, wasn t quite either of these I turned the pages to get to the end and it was only interesting in parts Basically without spoiling the story this novel follows the adventures of a journalist, Tom Sagan, who as the book

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    Another great book by Steve Berry that blows traditional views of the founder of the Americas out of the water and leaves me wondering how much was truth and what might have been fiction Even reading the author s note, I am left wondering if Berry used his amazing abilities to paint a picture of Columbus that may leave American students rushing back to their history books.Berry balances w

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    I like historic fiction and thrillers, so Steve Berry s The Columbus Affair Ballantine Books 2012 seemed perfect Not only did it cover a segment of history I ve spent virtually no time at all thinking much less reading about, I m always looking for new authors I read 1 3 books a week and Berry has thirteen out Thirteen That would get me through over a month if Columbus Affair worked out.Thi

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    Okay Um, what the hell happened to a story with such great potential Steve Berry is normally a very good thriller writer, just like James Rollins and Clive Cussler But some way, somehow, he really dropped the ball on this latest novel.Basically, it s another kind of historical conspiracy story in which the life and times of a popular figure get toyed with and fictionally subverted In this cas

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    Five stars Absolutely This book was amazing and without a doubt one of the best books I ve read in a very long time I have never read a book by Steve Berry prior to this one and I am thrilled I won this one through the GoodReads First Reads giveaways I will definitely be purchasing books by Mr Berry.I do not understand the criticisms of this book that other reviews have mentioned I had absolut

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    On the second Monday of every October since it became an official federal holiday in 1937, Americans celebrate the anniversary of Christopher Columbus first arrival in the Americas in 1492 Similar official holidays commemorate the event in Latin and South America, and in Spain Unofficial remembrances of Columbus feat predate by hundreds of years the official holidays But as Steve Berry amply demo

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    More like 2.5 stars, but I m feeling generous tonight, so this one gets rounded up.Berry is best known for his Cotton Malone Magellan Billet novels I think all of his previous ones except The Amber Room are part of this series , and while The Columbus Affair does have some familiar names in it, it s really a stand alone novel Which is nice, actually There are only so many secrets supe

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    This is a very good book, fast moving and the action never stops Although, putting my prejudice of loving everything Steve writes aside, he weaves a story that could be entirely plausible The book also draws upon the interplay between a daughter and her estranged father, that won t resolve itself until near the end of the book.The 1st chapter introduces us to Tom Sagan, a Pulitzer Prize winning repor

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    My wife loves Steve Berry and the historical tidbits that litter his thrillers She asked me to review it Normally I subscribe to the if you can t say anything nice policy I am and I am not a fan of Steve Berry I like his stories, his settings, and many of his historical elements I find his writing annoying Really annoying Maybe Ballantine is paying by the word, but in my estimation, Mr Berry is in dire

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    When Steve Berry announced last year that his popular character Cotton Malone would be taking some time off, fans were worried What they didn t take into account was that Steve was still going to write, just use another character What was the outcome One of Steve s best books to date, The Columbus Affair, with new character Tom Sagan Tom is a man that has hit bottom Winning awards for his writing while w

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