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The Future When Al Gore was VP, I had no opinion about him, except that he and his wife looked good together When he ran for President in 2000 my opinion of him was negative because it seemed to me that truth was unimportant to him Most politicians suffer from this malady, but Al seemed afflicted than most When the movie, An Inconvenient Truth, came out, I was neutral on the global warming issue I was still trying to get a handle on the 1970s when scientists were telling us the world was heading into an ice age, the world oil supplies would be all used up by the middle of the 1990s, and over population would surpass the world s food supply by 2000 In fact, it seemed like global warming would be a relief However, I will admit to a negative bias against Al going into the movie I have taken university science courses chemistry physics and statistical analysis After seeing the movie and how Al misinformed, lied, and misused statistical analysis, I was strongly leaning against global warming, and my low opinion of Al dropped The people looking for big foot would be rolled back on their haunches if they took a look at Al s carbon footprint this from a man who claims to be trying to save the planet His personal carbon offset claim is just s Al Gore spoke at the Microsoft campus recently while on his book tour for The Future I thoroughly enjoyed his talk and decided to pick up the book In it, Gore details what he sees are the six drivers of global change that are impacting and will continue to influence the future of our civilization At a hefty, though not overwhelming 592 pages, the book is ambitious, wide ranging and exceptionally well documented Gore delves into topics such as the globalization of economics, the linking of human thought through the internet and global communications, the impact of governmental dysfunction, the impact of advances in biotech, and of course, the effects of climate change While the book offers a wealth of facts and some interesting insights, overall I thought the book didn t work and found that I was disappointed at the end of it It suffered from several problems in my opinion While Gore s speaking style is thoughtful and engaging, he is a remarkably bad story teller in print He was rarely able to provide a narrative on Epub The Future Author Al Gore Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERFrom The Former Vice President And 1 New York Times Bestselling Author Comes An Inconvenient Truth For Everything A Frank And Clear Eyed Assessment Of Six Critical Drivers Of Global Change In The Decades To Come Ours Is A Time Of Revolutionary Change That Has No Precedent In History With The Same Passion He Brought To The Challenge Of Climate Change, And With His Decades Of Experience On The Front Lines Of Global Policy, Al Gore Surveys Our Planet S Beclouded Horizon And Offers A Sober, Learned, And Ultimately Hopeful Forecast In The Visionary Tradition Of Alvin Toffler S Future Shock And John Naisbitt S Megatrends In The Future, Gore Identifies The Emerging Forces That Are Reshaping Our World Ever Increasing Economic Globalization Has Led To The Emergence Of What He Labels Earth Inc An Integrated Holistic Entity With A New And Different Relationship To Capital, Labor, Consumer Markets, And National Governments Than In The Past The Worldwide Digital Communications, Internet, And Computer Revolutions Have Led To The Emergence Of The Global Mind, Which Links The Thoughts And Feelings Of Billions Of People And Connects Intelligent Machines, Robots, Ubiquitous Sensors, And Databases The Balance Of Global Political, Economic, And Military Power Is Shifting Profoundly Than At Any Time In The Last Five Hundred Years From A U.S Centered System To One With Multiple Emerging Centers Of Power, From Nation States To Private Actors, And From Political Systems To Markets A Deeply Flawed Economic Compass Is Leading Us To Unsustainable Growth In Consumption, Pollution Flows, And Depletion Of The Planet S Strategic Resources Of Topsoil, Freshwater, And Living Species Genomic, Biotechnology, Neuroscience, And Life Sciences Revolutions Are Radically Transforming The Fields Of Medicine, Agriculture, And Molecular Science And Are Putting Control Of Evolution In Human Hands There Has Been A Radical Disruption Of The Relationship Between Human Beings And The Earth S Ecosystems, Along With The Beginning Of A Revolutionary Transformation Of Energy Systems, Agriculture, Transportation, And Construction Worldwide From His Earliest Days In Public Life, Al Gore Has Been Warning Us Of The Promise And Peril Of Emergent Truths No Matter How Inconvenient They May Seem To Be As Absorbing As It Is Visionary, The Future Is A Map Of The World To Come, From A Man Who Has Looked Ahead Before And Been Proven All Too Right.Praise For The Future Magisterial The Passion Is Unmistakable So Is The Knowledge Practically Every Page Offers An Illumination Bloomberg In The Future Gore Takes On A Subject Whose Scale Matches That Of His Achievements And Ambition The New York Times Book Review Historically Grounded Gore S Strengths Lie In His Passion For The Subject And In His Ability To Take The Long View By Putting Current Events And Trends In Historical Context Publishers Weekly Provocative, Smart, Densely Argued A Tour De Force Of Big Picture Thinking Kirkus Reviews Starred Review A Luminously Intelligent Analysis That Is Packed With Arresting Ideas And Facts The Guardian I had the pleasure of seeing Al Gore during the promotional tour for this new book In the course of his presentation, I had the feeling that he had a firehose of information to share but only an eyedropper with which to share it The Future firms that perception.This is a good ol , all American data assault With enough bibliography and endnotes to make a university press editor proud, Mr Gore bludgeons the reader with fact after fact Within the rapid fire prose is a chilling picture of our culture s origins, the progress of history, and the penalties of rampant greed After three hundred pages of explication, Mr Gore quickly outlines common sense meas When a person of a certain status athletes, actors, and even authors writes a book, book editors tend to give him her a pass This is essentially what occurred with Al Gore and The Future nobody told him when to quit, when to rewrite and when to focus.Proofreading one s work is a near impossible chore as one tends to fall in lover with their own prose Gore leaves us with sentences the length of a paragraph and paragraphs the length of a page Coupled with awkward phrasing, a reader is left with a book that at certain sections is a chore to read When the reader isn t struggle with the prose, the lack of focus or purpose leaves one drifting aimlessly The subtitle tells us there is six drivers of global change Six topics could possibly be unified but instead we are treated to a multitude of topics with Gore rambli I m usually reluctant to read political documents, but this was chosen for our reading club so I decided to slog through it It s often interesting although I felt sometimes that he was just summarizing each of the myriad of research articles pulled together by his research assistants in some kind of coherent fashion.There s no way in hell I could summarize everything in less than 50 pages but I ve got some general comments below It s a good book to use from the index, i.e., want to see about a certain issue, hit the index and then read the few pages devoted to that topic.Positives Very good at capturing generational angst by which I mean that each generation seems to have some issue of apocalyptic concern that MUST be solved or the world will come to an end Depending where when you live d that concern may be different but it s always there and is of overwhelming importance to those concerned Great summary of much of the information out there and the issues See my comments re the index above Nifty bibliography A great resource Good summary of conflicts on page 124 Recognition that retired people are a huge problem Full disclosure I m retired T In an ambitious, far reaching investigative argument, Gore lays out what he sees as the six key drivers of global change shaping the future a fully globalized market a digitally interconnected global civilization power shifts from nation states to multinational corporations and from West to East depletion of essential natural resources water, topsoil, oceans, and species due to overpopulation and rampant consumerism humans increasing mastery over the biological organism and, of course, terrifyingly fast moving global warming induced climate change, caused by humans burning fossil fuels into the atmosphere.Global humanity faces exciting developments and moral quandaries, the promise of remarkable innovation with the peril of forces moving beyond the control of individuals and their governments Apparently, no one is steering the ship At the heart of it all is the United States current and calamitous inability to lead because, in Gore s phrasing, American democracy has been hacked Corporations write their interests into law at the expense of citizens, abetted by members of Congress who spend five hou Al Gore s book, The Future , is fascinating and perplexing The world is being pummeled by enormous waves of change, and most are destructive and unsustainable What should we do To envision wise plans, it s important to know the past, and understand how the present mess evolved The book presents a substantial discussion of six megatrends that are influencing the future EARTH INC is the global economy, dominated by a mob of ruthless multinational corporations It s pushing radical changes in the way we live, work, and think Many leaders in the world have become its hand puppets, shamelessly selling influence in exchange for treasure and power Earth Inc is the monster that s killing the ecosystem.GLOBAL MIND is the worldwide web that enables communication between people everywhere Two billion now have access to it It provides access to a cornucopia of fresh information knowledge from sources outside the walls of culture and propaganda The Global Mind is our single hope for inspiring rapid, intelligent, revolutionary change.BALANCE OF POWER is changing Following World War II, the world was happy, as America provided virtuous leadership that helped maintain stability in the world Today, the U.S is no longer respected Power is shifting away from Western nations to new powerhouses, and from national governments to corporate interests.OUTGROWTH is the explosion of unsustainable growth in almost everything population, pollution, consumption, This is the broadest of future predictions Instead of six drivers of global change, Mr Gore has included some dozens of new rapidly changing factors, neatly categorized in spidery charts They file under the broad topics of economic globalization, the interconnectivity of modern communications technology, a re examination of the traditional balance of power in the American world system, technological innovation, and Mr Gore s favorite climate change.The far right s criticism of Mr Gore is as loud as it is baseless It is some feeble attempt to distract from the hideous alternative of 2000 and their own catastrophes Perhaps the one thing that is closest to having a bit of truth is that of his being a pedantic bore As stiff as his speech may have been, he has an agile and quick mind to make up for it This is not the case here He seems almost overexcited with his discussion on everything from Goethe to 3 D printing to genetic modification to coal production His best moments, owing from his experience, are concrete policy suggestions He is almost vicio In the introduction to Al Gore s The Future, Gore credits a mysterious person for the inspiration behind his new book This unnamed muse asks the former vice president a standard loaded question, the kind so impossible to answer succinctly that it becomes treated like a 1950s prom date, where the responder awkwardly dances with the answer a ruler s length apart What are the drivers of global change the person asks After rattling off some conventional wisdom technology, communications, democracy Gore went home and reflected.As the days passed, the seed of the question began to germinate in his mind Being a man who can t bear to see a metaphorical or literal field lie fallow, Al Gore attended to the question with care He explored it He let it grow It consumed his thoughts, and branched out into new questions demanding new concepts Now, eight reflective years later, Gore pruned his answers to publish The Future, a book of such global importance you d be neglecting your own future if you chose to ignore it.Thankfully, Al Gore s book is as remarkable for what it isn t as for what it is It isn t a fear mongering tool It wasn t forged in Mt Doom with wicked political purposes It isn t filled with na ve optimism or tail wagged opinions His rational approach to a better tomorrow

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Albert Arnold Al Gore, Jr was the forty fifth Vice President of the United States, serving from 1993 to 2001 under President Bill Clinton Gore also served in the U S House of Representatives 1977 85 and the U S Senate 1985 93 , representing Tennessee Gore was the Democratic nominee for president in the 2000 election, ultimately losing to the Republican candidate George W Bush in spite

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