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A Little Night Muse (Steel Born #2) it had the bones if a good start. Ebook A Little Night Muse Steel Born 2 By Jessa Slade Terrapin Info.co.uk Book 2 Of The Steel BornConvicted Of Treason, Adelyn Has Been Banished To The Sunlit Realm Of Humans A Fate Worse Than Death For A Musetta Who Exists Only To Inspire Other Phae To Reverse Her Exile, She Must Find A Pair Of Lovers Who Have Fled The Court And Return Them To Face The Queen S Wrath But Once In The Mortal Realm, She Meets A Man Who Unveils Her Hidden Desires When Josh Reimer Discovers An Ethereal Beauty At A Cabin Near His Ranch, He Decides The Neighborly Thing To Do Is Take Her In Adelyn Inspires A Passion Unlike Anything He S Ever Known And He Vows Not To Lose The Magic They Ve Found Together Even If That Means She Must Choose Between Her Home And Their Love. I am always impressed with Jessa Slade s ability to pack in a vast paranormal storyline in a short story Love It 3.5 LOVED I m a big fan of Jessa Slade s writing and I really enjoyed the first book in this series, but I LOVED this one It was dark, VERY sensual, and she s drawn a complex world for such short stories.

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