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Freedom and Virtue: The Conservative/Libertarian Debate An interesting collection of essays on the differences between conservatism and libertarianism Some individual essays are very good Others I had trouble taking seriously, but did have a value as giving insight into the other side of the debate. A collection of essays meant to flesh out the debate about the philosophical differences between traditional conservatives and libertarians, which the collection roughly breaks down as traditional conservatives believe in a society that pushes respect for order and virtue while libertarians believe in a society that values individual liberty As a libertarian I will note right off the bat that the collection skews heavily in favor of essays attempting to push the traditional conservative virtue philosophy That s okay though because I think that the pro conservative essays are on the whole generally weaker they all essentially end up arguing that government is bad at things like regulating the economy or making people equal but is perfectly up tot he task of making men moral Likewise, when attacking libertarianism they all tend to focus on strawman arguments like equating anarchists with the entire libertarian intellectual movement or arguing that all libertarians believe in an atomistic individualism that forecloses any sort of cooperative engagement The essays by the conservatives do have the bonus of clearly expressing what I have to confess philosophical arguments make my head spin This collection of essays is probably great for someone already steeped in the various voices of the conservative libertarian debate But frankly, it was a bit over my head There were some moments of clarity and light, and I did find this useful to help me see there is much to this debate than can be captured in sound bites and memes Russell Kirk s essay, A Dispassionate Assessment of Libertarians, was especia How conservatives look at the virtue required to give us our liberties, as opposed to how libertarians seem to think free people will be virtuous. Very good exercise in comparative politics. Thoughtful, helpful essays exploring the similarities and differences between conservatism and libertarianism This book was awesome. The Long Running Debates Between Between Conservatives And Libertarians Are Vigorous And Highly Charged, Dealing With Ideas About The Very Nature Of Liberty And Morality Like No Other Single Work, Freedom And Virtue Explores What Unites And Divides The Adherents Of These Two Important American Traditions Shedding Much Light On Our Current Political Landscape.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Freedom and Virtue: The Conservative/Libertarian Debate book, this is one of the most wanted George W. Carey author readers around the world.

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