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Scroll of Agony: The Warsaw Diary of Chaim A. Kaplan A Searing Account of Life in the Warsaw Ghetto None of the Holocaust diaries make for easy reading Of these painful eyewitness accounts, perhaps none is searing than that of Chaim Aaron Kaplan, the one time principal of a Hebrew school in Warsaw until his academy was shut down and banned by the Nazis and Kaplan banished to that city s notorious Ghetto Appalled at the destruction and ruin that the enemy s planes have wrought on our lovely capital, Chaim Kaplan declared early on, I have made a role for myself in these historic times not to let a single day go by without making an entry in my diary, that is, to bear witness and document first hand the suffering of his fellow Jews and the abominable cruelty if the Nazi oppressor, even when it is hard to hold a pen in my hand Despite indescribable hardships, he added accounts to his dairy nearly every day, continually augmenting his scroll of agony Chaim Kaplan portrayed daily scenes with uncompromising clarity, using suitably strong language that does not detract from the erudition and eloquence of his writing Kaplan obviously kept well informed of what was happening, either by reading illegal underground newspapers or reading between the Scroll of Agony is a very appropriate title It is agonising to read but as the author himself states, this diary is source material for the future historian Jan 16, 1942 I have read a few holocaust memoirs but this has a different feel, a very heavy tone I think it is because it is a diary and not a survival account and it is peppered with biblical allusions Here we see details, fears, small joys, the vacillation between hope and despair I felt somewhat as if I was there in that in between reading sessions I could not stop thinking about it.I really liked the way the writer used biblical expressions and also that he does not worry about who is going to get offended so he lets rip at everyone and who can blame him I don t know how widely this book is read but I wish it would be read by every human being According to Jewish Virtual library.org it has been translated into English, French, German, Danish a This is a very intellectual and impersonal chronicle of the life in the Warsaw Ghetto There s very little personal detail, very little mention of day to day detail The author concerns himself with the news stories, the rumours Thus about 80% of his writing is about the Nazis It s understandable he should give such constant vent to his horror and indignation at the stories he hears but we are all familiar with the murderous machinery of the Nazis so even though EPUB Scroll Of Agony The Warsaw Diary Of Chaim A Kaplan Author Chaim Aron Kaplan Jwdfitness.co.uk Smuggled Out Of The Ghetto And Carefully Preserved In A Kerosene Can On A Farm Outside Warsaw, Chaim Kaplan S Diary, Originally Recorded In Beautiful, Disciplined Hebrew Script, Is A Detailed Eyewitness Report Of The Nazi Occupation Of Warsaw And A Unique Account Of The Destruction Of The Jewish Communities Of Poland Scroll Of Agony Begins On September 1, 1939, As The Author, A Respected Educator, Describes The Nazi Blitzkrieg That Stunned The World It Ends In August 1942, When Kaplan Realized That The Nazi Noose Was Around His Neck Kaplan S Remarkably Objective Account Of The Politics Of Occupation Depicts A World Of Starvation And Forced Labor, Of Capricious Death And Planned Mass Murder Yet His Orderly Script Also Conveys A World In Which The Struggle For Survival Included Spiritual Resistance Conducting Services Behind Drawn Shades, Struggling To Keep The Schools Open, And Holding On To The Rich Fabric Of Communal Life In Defiance Of The Strongest Force Of Dehumanization That The World Has Ever Seen.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Scroll of Agony: The Warsaw Diary of Chaim A. Kaplan book, this is one of the most wanted Chaim Aron Kaplan author readers around the world.