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About the Author: Unknown

Books can be attributed to Unknown when the author or editor as applicable is not known and cannot be discovered If at all possible, list at least one actual author or editor for a book instead of using Unknown.Books whose authorship is purposefully withheld should be attributed instead to Anonymous.

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    A Thugs Only Love is a very intense series, about a big time thug named Lexis who falls in love with a girl he thought he d never have a chance with, Chanelle In this book the two together face obstacles no regular teenagers would face They say blood is thicker than water but in the story the two have issues with family members they thought were loyal You can th

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    I am in progress of reading this book and so far I am In love with it I like the fact that the characters are very realistic It s based on a current time period which causes me to connect with the characters and give me an insight to how they live Allowing me to be able to relate to them makes the story ten times better My books main character is Chenelle and she is a 1

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