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Collection of 26 Works with Analysis and Historical Background Good collection of Marx and Engels works Illustrated With The Original Images Annotated With Concise Introduction, Including Analysis Of Karl Marx And Friedrich Engels S Works As Well As Modern View On Karl Marx And Friedrich Engels S Historical Background Original Footnotes Are Hyperlinked For Easy Reference The Collection Includes Alphabetical And Chronological Indexes Of Karl Marx And Friedrich Engels S Works Each Book Features Its Own Active Table Of Contents Includes Karl Marx And Friedrich Engels S Biographies Includes Karl Marx And Friedrich Engels S Most Famous Quotes All Annotated Classics Books Are Beautifully Designed For Easy Reading And Navigation On E Readers And Mobile Devices CONTENTS The Communist Manifesto Marx And Engels Translated By Samuel Moore Das Kapital Marx Translated By Samuel Moore And Edward Aveling Revolution And Counter Revolution Marx And Engels Translated By Eleanor Marx Aveling Critique Of The Gotha Programme Marx Eighteenth Brumaire Of Louis Bonaparte Marx Translated By Daniel De Leon Essays Marx Translated By H J Stenning A Criticism Of The Hegelian Philosophy Of Right On The Jewish Question On The King Of Prussia And Social Reform Moralizing Criticism And Critical Morality A Polemic Against Karl Proudhon French Materialism The English Revolution The Poverty Of Philosophy Marx Translated By H Quelch Secret Diplomatic History Of The Eighteenth Century Marx Translated By Eleanor Marx Aveling And Edward Aveling The Civil War In France Marx Translated By Frederick Engels Wage Labor And Capital Marx Translated By Frederick Engels On The Question Of Free Trade Marx Translated By Frederick Engels Wages, Price And Profit Marx Translated By Eleanor Marx Aveling Mr George Howell S History Of The International Working Men S Association Marx The Condition Of The Working Class In England In Engels Translated By Florence Kelley Wischnewetzky Speech At The Grave Of Karl Marx Engels Feuerbach The Roots Of The Socialist Philosophy Engels Translated By Austin Lewis Landmarks Of Scientific Socialism Anti Duehring Engels Translated By Austin Lewis Socialism Utopian And Scientific Engels Translated By Edward Aveling The Origin Of The Family Private Property And The State Engels Translated By Ernest Untermann BIOGRAPHY, HISTORY, QUOTES ANALYSIS Karl Marx Biography Friedrich Engels Biography Chronological Order The Life And Teaching Of Karl Marx By M Beer The Marx He Knew By John Spargo Historical Materialism And The Economics Of Karl Marx By Benedetto Croce The Story Of Karl Marx By Lyndon Orr Marx Quotes Engels Quotes Works Analysis

About the Author: Karl Marx

Karl Marx, Ph.D University of Jena, 1841 was a social scientist who was a key contributor to the development of Communist theory.Descended from a long line of rabbis, Marx born in Prussian Rhineland His father converted to Protestantism shortly before Karl s birth Educated at the Universities of Bonn, Jena, and Berlin, Marx founded the Socialist newspaper Vorwarts in 1844 in Paris After being expelled from France at the urging of the Prussian government, which banished Marx in absentia, Marx studied economics in Brussels He and Engels founded the Communist League in 1847 and published the Communist Manifesto After the failed revolution of 1848 in Germany, in which Marx participated, he eventually wound up in London Marx worked as foreign correspondent for several U.S publications His Das Kapital came out in three volumes 1867, 1885 and 1894 Marx organized the International and helped found the Social Democratic Party of Germany Although Marx was not religious, Bertrand Russell later remarked, His belief that there is a cosmic force called Dialectical Materialism which governs human history independently of human volitions, is mere mythology Portraits from Memory, 1956 Marx once quipped, All I know is that I am not a Marxist according to Engels in a letter to C Schmidt see Who s Who in Hell by Warren Allen Smith D 1883.Marx began co operating with Bruno Bauer on editing Hegel s Philosophy of Religion in 1840 Marx was also engaged in writing his doctoral thesis, The Difference Between the Democritean and Epicurean Philosophy of Nature, which he completed in 1841 It was described as a daring and original piece of work in which Marx set out to show that theology must yield to the superior wisdom of philosophy the essay was controversial, particularly among the conservative professors at the University of Berlin Marx decided, instead, to submit his thesis to theliberal University of Jena, whose faculty awarded him his PhD in April 1841 As Marx and Bauer were both atheists, in March 1841 they began plans for a journal entitled Archiv des Atheismus Atheistic Archives , but it never came to fruition.Marx has been described as one of the most influential figures in human history Marx is typically cited, with mile Durkheim and Max Weber, as one of the three principal architects of modern social science.More

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