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The Sister Swap Too Close For ComfortAnneit Was A Daring Deception, But She Always Put Her Family First Her Sister Desperately Needed Some Time Alone And Anne Would At Least Have The Chance To Study At College But There Was Something Someone She Hadn T Bargained For Hunter Lewisvisiting Professor And Anne S Very Attractive Neighbor He Was Soon Immensely Suspicious Of Her.However, Hunter S Arrogant Assumptions About Anne Made It Easier For Her Not To Let Him Into Her Apartment Or Into Her Heart For It Would Be Disastrous If Hunter Discovered That Anne Had Been Left Quite Literally Holding The Baby 3.5 stars Enjoyable characters, except I didn t have much use for the author sister, Katlin, who was so incredibly selfish I enjoyed the back and forth between Hunter and Anne, the humor, the buildup of the relationship, but mostly I enj This book reminded me why Susan Napier was the auto buy author of my misspent youth She creates this hot sizzling chemistry with the wittiest repartee full of naughty wink wink innuendos and double entendres that leave you chuckling and panting forHer h H connect and burn like no other if you want chemistry beyond just the physical, she delivers For the temperature is fairly bursting before they even get to the se I don t think Susan Napier can write a bad HP I mean, I usually hate deception based plots there s always cringing as the lies crumble, and it s hard to sympathize with a liar caught in his her own trap but Napier can apparently make me like one.Anne Tremaine is our liar Her sister Katlin is an author and single mother who won a lucrative grant to write a novel Lovely as this is, she feels she can only write at her The Sister Swap is the story of Anne and Hunter.When Anne decides to pretend to be her sister Katlin and babysit her nephew Ivan for the sake of her college grant, she never guessed she d end up having a tiff and subsequently falling for her surly neighbor and college professor Hunter.This was a thoroughly enjoyable read From hilarious banter, to sexy dirty talk and almost sex breast feeding paraphernalia, to vigorous male boob suckling and dial

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