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The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder Famed Charles Manson Prosecutor And Three Time New York Times Bestselling Author Vincent Bugliosi Has Written The Most Powerful, Explosive, And Thought Provoking Book Of His Storied CareerIn The Prosecution Of George W Bush For Murder, Bugliosi Presents A Tight, Meticulously Researched Legal Case That Puts George W Bush On Trial In An American Courtroom For The Murder Of Nearly , American Soldiers Fighting The War In Iraq Bugliosi Sets Forth The Legal Architecture And Incontrovertible Evidence That President Bush Took This Nation To War In Iraq Under False Pretenses A War That Has Not Only Caused The Deaths Of American Soldiers But Also Over , Innocent Iraqi Men, Women, And Children Cost The United States Over One Trillion Dollars Thus Far With No End In Sight And Alienated Many American Allies In The Western WorldAs A Prosecutor Who Is Dedicated To Seeking Justice, Bugliosi, In His Inimitable Style, Delivers A Non Partisan Argument, Free From Party Lines And Instead Based Upon Hard Facts And Pure ObjectivityA Searing Indictment Of The President And His Administration, The Prosecution Of George W Bush For Murder Also Outlines A Legally Credible Pathway To Holding Our Highest Government Officials Accountable For Their Actions, Thereby Creating A Framework For Future Occupants Of The Oval OfficeVincent Bugliosi Calls For The United States Of America To Return To The Great Nation It Once Was And Can Be Again He Believes The First Step To Achieving This Goal Is To Bring Those Responsible For The War In Iraq To Justice

About the Author: Vincent Bugliosi

American attorney and author, best known for prosecuting Charles Manson and his followers for the murder of Sharon Tate and others.In his books he claimed that O.J Simpson and Lee Harvey Oswald were guilty of the crimes they were accused of.In his latest book he states that George W Bush should be prosecuted for murder.Bugliosi lived in Pasadena, CA.

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    i am reading this book in short bursts i have to put it down for a day or two after reading a portion, because i am afraid it will induce a rage fueled coronary how fucking blind are we as a nation when you sit back, in hindsight, and take in the narrative of the lead up to the war in iraq, with all the facts in front of you, it is truly amazing the jum

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    I used to think George Bush was a sociopath.after reading this book I am convinced he is a true psychopath Vincent Bugliosi manages to make what could be a law textbook, a genuine page turner laying out in detail the numerous ways Bush could be tried for murder with arguments hard to argue with.

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    Is it a rant Yes, in places.Is he correct Yes, he is

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    This is an interesting book, but ultimately diappointing It contains no real surprises, in terms of the lies and rush to war, but it s useful to have all of that documented in one place Bugliosi s hatred for Bush is visceral and his arguments that Bush is amazingly lazy, with no love for his country or concern or her people are certainly persuasive At the same time, though, in th

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    Excellent assessment of Bush s tenacious rush to go to war Not much new information if you are a political junkie like me, but I promise you will be furious at the insight of this petty, demented man who is leader of the free world.

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    For obvious reasons, I was intrigued by the title of this book, but it s a bit of a letdown I think Bugliosi needed a better editor as the book is about twice as long as it should be The crux of the argument declared by the title that it s possible to prosecute a president for lying to the American public is laid out pretty early in the book And once you ve gone there, whatis there to say But for

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    A fascinating and infuriating diatribe against the Bush administration and GWB in particular by a career prosecutor Bugliosi tried and won the Manson murder trial among others Its overwritten, needs an editor and gets tiring, but is a well organized review of how Bush and his cronies literally manufactured lies to get us into the Iraq war, and remain blissfully unaffected by the death and suffering that ha

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    Sadly, this is a book that should have been published when Bush was still in office, had just stole the election in Florida and was cynically exploiting 9 11 to pursue an established agenda of Imperialist decline while wrecking the economy at home The big question now, how long will the Reagan Bush W Bush legacy cast its shadow over subsequent administrations, bearing in mind that Margaret Thatcher is still effecti

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    GREAT Maybe if the average person wasn t so consumed by nonsense and would READ A DAMN book, then maybe just MAYBE things would be different in this once great country.

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    Disturbing, but well written and very insightful.

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