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The First Family Detail As In A Play, Presidents, Vice Presidents, And Presidential Candidates Perform On Stage For The Public And The Media What The Nation S Leaders Are Really Like And What Goes On Behind The Scenes Remains Hidden Secret Service Agents Have A Front Row Seat On Their Private Lives And Those Of Their Wives And Children Crammed With New, Headline Making Revelations, THE FIRST FAMILY DETAIL Secret Service Agents Reveal The Hidden Lives Of The Presidents By Ronald Kessler Tells That Eye Opening, Uncensored Story Since Publication Of His New York Times Bestselling BookIn The President S Secret Service, Award Winning Investigative Reporter Ronald Kessler Has Continued To Penetrate The Wall Of Secrecy That Surrounds The U.S Secret Service, Breaking The Story That Secret Service Agents Who Were To Protect President Obama Hired Prostitutes In Cartagena, Colombia And Revealing That The Secret Service Allowed A Third Uninvited Guest To Crash A White House State Dinner Now Kessler Presents Far Bigger And Consequential Stories About Our Nation S Leaders And The Agency Sworn To Protect Them Kessler Widens His Scope To Include Presidential Candidates, Former Presidents After They Leave The White House, And The Presidents Relationships To Their First Ladies And Children From Observing Vice President Joe Biden S Reckless Behavior That Jeopardizes The Country S Safety, To Escorting Bill Clinton S Mistress At Chappaqua, To Overhearing First Lady Michelle Obama S Admonitions To The President, To Witnessing President Nixon S Friends Bring Him A Nude Stripper, To Seeing Their Own Agency Take Risks That Could Result In An Assassination, Secret Service Agents Know A Secret World That Ronald Kessler Exposes In Breathtaking Detail THE FIRST FAMILY DETAIL Reveals Vice President Joe Biden Regularly Orders The Secret Service To Keep His Military Aide With The Nuclear Football A Mile Behind His Motorcade, Potentially Leaving The Country Unable To Retaliate In The Event Of A Nuclear Attack Secret Service Agents Discovered That Former President Bill Clinton Has A Blond Mistress Within Minutes Of Hillary Clinton S Leaving, The Woman Codenamed Energizer By Agents Shows Up To Be With Bill Every Day While The Likely Future Presidential Candidate Is Away The Secret Service Covered Up The Fact That President Ronald Reagan S White House Staff Overruled The Secret Service To Let Unscreened Spectators Get Close To Reagan As He Left The Washington Hilton, Allowing Him To Be Shot By John W Hinckley Jr Secret Service Agents Have Been Dismayed To Overhear Michelle Obama Push Her Husband To Be Aggressive In Attacking Republicans And To Side With Blacks In Racial Controversies Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan Diverted Agents From Protecting President Obama And His Family At The White House And Ordered Them Instead To Protect His Assistant At Her Home And Illegally Retrieve Confidential Records As A Favor To Her Because Hillary Clinton Is So Nasty To Agents, Being Assigned To Her Protective Detail Is Considered A Form Of Punishment And The Worst Assignment In The Secret Service Secret Service Agents Were Ordered To Ignore Security Rules And Allow The SUV Carrying Actor Bradley Cooper To Drive Unscreened Into A Secure Restricted Area When President Obama Was About To Deliver His Speech At The White House Correspondents Dinner Vice President Joe Biden Spends Millions Of Taxpayer Dollars Flying To And From His Home In Delaware On Air Force Two His Office Tried To Cover Up The Costs Of The Personal Trips Because The Secret Service Refused To Provide Enough Magnetometers At His Campaign Events, Mitt Romney Regularly Left Himself Open To Assassination By Giving Speeches To Unscreened Crowds Vice President Joe Biden Swims Nude At The Vice President S Residence In Washington And At His Home In Delaware, Offending Female Agents I think Ronald Kessler has written a better book but it s still weak I like Mr Kessler s books because he examines those powerful but somewhat secretive government agencies Where he falls down is that he often focuses too much on the salacious gossip at the expense of true reporting His expose about the use of Secret Service agents protecting civilians at the expense of the President The book could have used much of that and much less of how Hillary Clinton is a nasty person and Bill Clinton was having an affair GASP The cronyism and politics of the management of the Secret Service is truly disturbing and that could be a earth changing book but he never goes far down that road This is a decent book which chooses not to be great For that reason I can t recommend it. I was hoping for of a historical perspective and feel like I got the TMZ version of life with the President s and their over worked security It seemed that there was also a political bias in the writing because most of the Republicans were good to work with and the Democrats were awful It is also clear that this author is a Hillary hater, as it seemed a lot of print was used to disparage her There was also a reference or two to women agents who were not fit and or over weight Funny how there was no mention of similer descriptions for the male agents Very disappointed in this book and would not recommend it to anyone. You may need to take a shower after reading this book before you feel clean again.I wasn t prepared for the TMZ like nature of this crummy book I was interested in the history and operations of the Secret Service, and to my knowledge I hadn t read a Kessler work before He only has about 5 points in the entire book, and two of them are Democrats are evil and Republicans are saints To give you a clue where Kessler is coming from, he complains in a chapter on the Clintons he has several that the biggest problem with Kenneth Starr is that he wasn t aggressive enough.I probably could have overlooked the blatant partisanship and low brow tone but the dishonesty with which Kessler approaches the work makes it hard to take anything he says at face value The number of misleading facts were piling up before I got to Chapter One.Kessler spends a lot of time rehashing some of the worst of journalistic sleaze from the Clinton years, and cherry picking his way through many other years of tawdry dirty laundry and political mud Even for what it is a partisan right wing hack job of a look at First Family Secret Service details it is lousy, thin, and rather poorly written.I m heading for that shower. Well that wasinteresting It s disturbing to no end the staggering amount of corruption within our government, both within the leadership and the departments That s certainly not ground breaking news though so I will leave a couple lasting impressions I had from the book, one I was surprised by and one not so much.First, I have FINALLY found something to like about the Obama s I wasn t sure that was even possible but at last I have According to this author, the Obama s are actually kind and respectful to the secret service They say that if you don t like someone it s because you just don t know them well enough Yeah, whatever, I still don t like them but it s nice to know that they are kind to those who are willing to take a bullet for them.Second, I hope to dear heaven that our country NEVER, NEVER, NEVER allows a Clinton to live in the White House ever again Hillary is the most evil and vile person to ever hold a government position If even half the stories reported about her contain even a shred of truth then she is evil enough to give the devil himself a run for his money and that s saying something.

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