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Honor and Polygamy This Story Has Been Passionately Written To Point Out The Shortfalls, Misunderstandings, And Missteps Of The US Government In Afghanistan The US Involvement In Afghanistan Is Compared To A Forbidden Marriage, Revealing The Ultimate Failure Of Implementing US Policies In Both Afghanistan And The Entire Middle East In General, The American Public Believes Democracy Is A Gift That Was Showered On The Country, Without Considering What Kinds Of Sacri Ces Have Been Made Over The Past Years To Achieve Democracy However, Democracy Is Not A Gift That Can Be Transferred, Exported, And Force Fed To Other Nations Nor Is It A Strategic Business Plan That One Can Hastily Globalize It Is A Process That Has To Be Accepted With Deep Understanding

About the Author: Omar Farhad

Omar Farhad was born in Kabul, Afghanistan He immigrated to the United States in 1987 and currently lives in California He holds an associate s degree in aviation and a Bachelor of Science in Global Economics, both from US universities.

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    A riveting dramatic story consisting of a heart wrenching and much to realistic story Honor and Polygamy truly captivated me in its engrossing plot A definite page turner, author Farhad has a compelling voice throughout that remains with the reader long after reading Read it, but expect some tears and con

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    His first book and hopefully not the last Riveting, gripping and definitely thought provoking A definite MUST READ for anyone at all interested what is happening and how people live, exist in that part of the world.No doubt there has to be a sequel on the way and I for one can t wait to read it.

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    In the humble guise of a basic kidnapping drama, Honor and Polygamy by Omar Farhad progresses quickly to a multi faceted exploration of the ethics, morals and emotional dimensions of the human soul, if tested by unusual circumstances, while doubling as a fascinating glimpse into the lives of everyday people in Afghanista

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    I found this book truly captivating, riveting and timely It offers the reader a view into the culture and traditions of the Afghan people not seen on the nightly news It touches on the ever widening gap between the old traditions and the new generations lack of respect for honor and loyalty It delves into one man s struggle to m

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    I begun reading,so as to review for Omar Farhad, then finished reading satisfied to have read a well written fiction I wept for the USA and everyone with unconditional love of nations Mindful of how fiction speaks under or over reality, I cannot cast truth away as merely fiction Non functionality of fiction aside, I enjoyed following th

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    I received an e copy from author in exchange for an honest review.What an amazing first novel from the author.I could hardly believe at times this was a work of fiction.Its written in such a real way you would think it was based on a true story.Amazing from start to finish.Highly recommend.A huge thanks to author.

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    Wonderful book, Omar has a gift of writing and this is a great fiction book The author clearly uses his understanding and experience living in various parts of the world to help make the reader indulge into the book Very captivating and definitely recommended

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Distant Echoes A review of the novel Honor and Polygamy Fate leads him who follows it, and drags him who resist PlutarchAuthor Omar Farhad s novel, Honor and Polygamy narrates the story of Nicholas Blake, a diplomatic officer working with the United Nations in New York City Having

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    Very good novel to read I like how the story is revealed, and how each character comes to life The honor that s displayed here is a manifestation of how one should act if forced into a position like the main character in this novel My hats off to the author for giving us a behind the scene look at how the people in the middle East views the U.S involvement in their la

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    This book held my interest from the first page It was adventure, terror and love wrapped together in a gripping human story It showed the horrors and realities of war from a perspective most people who have never been involved in war can even imagine I read it in one sitting I received this book through goodreads.

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