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Dronish A Young Adult Paranormal Romance SeriesAn Epic JourneyIf The Seventine Are Released, Will Anyone Survive With The Convergence Date Looming Closer, Abigail S In The Final Countdown To Imprison The Seventine It Is Do Or Die Time, And She Is Determined That The Seventine Will Be The Ones Who Die, Figuratively Speaking Her Current Priorities Gather The Dronish Half Walker Female And Reform Her Melding Bond With BraceDronish Is A World Alien Than Any Other Abigail Has Ventured Through, Which Is Really Saying Something But It S Also A Dying Land The Inhabitants Are Running Out Of Energy And There S Little Hope For Their Survival Of Course, That Makes It Very Hard To Convince Sapha The Half Walker That She Should Help Save The Star System If Her World Is Doomed Already, She Doesn T Care Much About The RestOkay, Task One Is Going To Be Tougher Than Abigail Anticipated, But At Least Reforming The Bond Should Be Easy Right Of Course, That Was Before She Met With The Lalunas Now She Knows That Both Items On Her To Do List Have Jumped Right Into The Realm Of Impossible

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    I have fallen in love with another author that was new to me After I finished this book I voraciously searched to see if there was a book seven I seem to be insatiable and I really want there to be a book seven The imagination and humor of Jaymin Eve shin

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    I enjoyed this but it wasn t an I can t put this down level of enjoyment The story is great, still totally worthy of 4 stars but I just didn t find it as addictive as some of the other books in the series Having said that I m liking the Josian storyline, Brac

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    OMG, I LOVE IT.love love love love fangirl modeOkay. take a deep breath I am sory if I sound a little crazy here I just love it so much I spend two days to read 6 series of walker saga, and all of them are amazing If I can give you Five million star I ll give it

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    What the eff What an ending It made me literally start the next and last one right away Happy that some things went back to normal, and lots of love is going down, but I m really tense about the Seventine It s really getting down to it now I just don t know what to t

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    DNF for the second timeThere is nothing particularly offensive about this book And I love the first five books in this series Jaymin Eve has a wonderful imagination and always creates the best friendships BUT it seems every time I try to read this book, I find a million

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    My reaction to the last sentence of this book Oh, shit. As real as everything already was, it s about to get evenreal The stakes just keep getting higher and higher, is there an end in sight I don t know I m starting to get acrophobic view spoiler As I d predicted on my last

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    Still Loving the Girls, but Not Adoring the Bad Science in this SciFi Series The Overall FeelsSet in a dystopian scifi future with an urban fantasy twist, the Walker Saga is a fantastic mix of genres that is a whopping load of fun, and Dronish is no exception I love the vibrant

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    Okay just when I thought it couldn t possibly get better it does This one has a whole lotgoing on and some really great twists that i never saw coming A must must read Abby and the girls bringsass and excitement, there is love and friendship really i don t want to spoil anything so

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    I enjoyed the book and can t wait for the final book in the series I love how the main characters are being developed Wish we could spendtime on the others But it does leave room for some Novellas right

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    This one was good because things are now better than in the last book, and the drama is definitely picking not that there wasn t drama in the last book but it gets even better There are evenheart breaking twists and turns and betrayals and lies and..ugh just read it.Loved it.

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About the Author: Jaymin Eve

Jaymin Eve is the Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and sci fi novels filled with epic love stories, great adventures, and plenty of laughs She lives in Australia with her husband, two beautiful daughters, and a couple of crazy pets To date, she has sold close to two million ebooks, and still can t believe that she gets to create fantasy worlds as a job For action, adventure, romance, and a guaranteed HEA, start one of her series today Reading order Secret Keepers series Paranormal Romance House of Darken House of Imperial House of Leights House of Royale Storm Princess Saga PNR Fantasy The Princess Must Die The Princess Must Strike The Princess Must Reign.Curse of the Gods Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance series UpperYA NATrickery Persuasion Seduction Strength Neutral Pain.Supernatural Prison UF PNR romance shifter, vampire, fae, magic user Upper YA NADragon Marked Dragon Mystics Dragon Mated Broken Compass Magical Compass.NYC Mecca Series UF PNR Romance shifters Upper YAQueen Heir Queen Alpha Queen Fae Queen Mecca Hive Trilogy UF PNR Romance vampires Upper YAAsh Anarchy Annihilate Walker Saga Fantasy adventure romance gods, mermaids, dragons YAFirst World Spurn Crais Regali Nephilius Dronish Earth Stay updated