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Altered States Reading Altered States Author Paddy Chayefsky Survivingtheholocaust.us Inspired By The Work Of John C Lilly, Chayefsky Spent Two Years In Boston Doing Research To Write His Science Fiction Novel Altered States HarperCollins, 1978 , Which He Adapted For His Last Screenplay In The Film Chayefsky Is Credited Under His Real First And Middle Name, Sidney Aaron, Because Of Disputes With Director Ken Russell Some Of The Events Portrayed In This Film Seem To Be Based On The Studies Of The French Surrealist Author Antonin Artaud The Protagonist Visits A Tribe Of Isolated Mexican Tribal People Participates In Their Sacred Shamanic Ritual Involving Local Hallucinogens For The Purpose Of Investigating The Common Religious Experience Much Of The Setting Of This Part Of The Film Also Appears To Be Based On Artaud S Description Of The Natural, Altho Seemingly Man Made Landscape Of The People In The Movie, This Was Represented By Huge Stone Mushrooms Often Called Hoodoos Attributed To The Supernatural.

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    I really enjoyed this novel Chayefsky is a great writer I wish he d writtennovels To read my review.

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    I recently polled various groups on Google , asking if they had read this Altered States, seen the film, both, or neither The majority had seen the film, but ignored the book as I had.As a psychologist who tried sensory deprivation tank and LSD, I was anxious to discover what , if anything, Chayefsky could have written about the then new approach to consciousn

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    There s always a danger with writing a book about science, that it will become outdated and too simple over time Fortunately Chayefsky skirts past it by using ancient science and ideas that have been around for a long time This was a fast read with a lot of truths in it truths about human nature and about the vanity fair called academia Whenever someone hits a

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    This book has a pretty curious spot in film history due to the clout of the author and the stubbornness of the chosen director, Ken Russell Russell is a notoriously visual director while Chayefsky was a writer s writer The amount of research and love Chayefsky put into this book really shows It is a shame it was the only novel he ever wrote and doubly a shame co

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    So the author basically interviewed scientists for two years about whatever silliness and then wrote a book about a scientist going to South America to hang out with natives and take magic mushrooms that are the ultimate hallucinogen Then he eats a lizard while he trances out Then he synthesizes the compound and takes it while in isolation tanks He takes so much

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    Paddy Chayefsky wrote only this one novel as well as the screenplay for the motion picture, so both can be considered as mutually amplifying.I saw the movie when it came out and only read the book when, years later, I found a used copy of it for sale Frankly, I preferred the movie, partly for the Artaud inspired sequences, partly because I expect less of a movie t

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    I loved this movie, but was always so obsessed with Ken Russell, the director, I never took realised it was based on this great novel by Paddy Chayefsky.It is a gripping readintelligent and mystifying, but accessible perhaps because I saw the movie first.It covers a lot of themes that seem to merelevant now than they were when the book was published in 1978, partic

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    Because I thought watching the movie would be a smart thing to do before I venture into a sensory deprivation tank for the first time, tomorrow or the day after Damn you, Ken Russell Now all I ll think about in the tank is Altered States, vs experiencing altered states I ve heard varying things that the book is much like the film, that it s not like the film at all,

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    If you re looking for inspired drug writing, check out some Heinlein or Phillip Dick s Three stigmata of palmer eldrich

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    yes, i read this book after seeing the movie the movie is exactly like the book really both kick ass.

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