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Night Fury (Night Fury, #2) My Name Is Catarina Or, That S Who I Was Christened To Be, Anyways I Live In A Convent I Am A Nun In Training A Postulant I Am Eighteen Years Old I Am A Predator No One Is Safe From Me I Am Protected No One Can Get To Me By Day One Way, By Night Another They Call On Me My Name Is Catarina Codename Night Fury No One Is Safe From Me I Will Come For You.

10 thoughts on “Night Fury (Night Fury, #2)

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    SPOILERS I don t know if i m annoyed or impressed with Cat. She is emotionally mixed up and has chameleon personality and she jumps

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    it s a 4 but it was like a 5 This book didn t have the same excitement like the 1st like the kick ass but Night Fury was still a kick ass Any

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    I m going to have to think about this one In the first book, Cat did seemed to jump from man to man I was a little afraid she d get worst I read the re

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    3.5 stars So much happens And yet I still have so many questions That s the bad thing about novellas Hopefully the next one is out soon

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    3.5 stars.Oh dear A lot happens in this one, a lot.Cat seemsall over the place in this one, but I can t say it bothered me, I mean, this is a teenager raised among assassi

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    Cat annoys me Why must she fall for whichever new guy arrives on the scene and discard the previous one s like yesterdays panties I really hoped for there to beabout Marco in this b

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    Wow what an ending I cant wait to see what Belle Aurora does with these characters..

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    THIS IS LIVE Awesome

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    3 3.5 Stars Oh how I so desperately wanted to give this 5 stars Unfortunately, though I really liked this 2nd book, I think it wasn t quite up to par for a 4 5 rating Overall, I think all the flaws could be easi

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    Okay, it is official, Ms Aurora you are one evil woman The cliffhanger of Night Fury Second Act still has me reeling After reading book one, I was a little ambivalent about whether I truly liked this serial series or not

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