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La Tentation d'exister Download La Tentation D Exister Author Emil M Cioran Thomashillier.co.uk Trebuie S Nv M S G Ndim Mpotriva Ndoielilor I Certitudinilor Noastre, Mpotriva Umorilor Atot Tiutoare, Trebuie, Mai Ales, F Urindu Ne O Alt Moarte, O Moarte Incompatibil Cu Hoitul, S Accept M Ceea Ce Nu Poate Fi Dovedit, Ideea C Ceva Exist Nimicul Era Desigur Mai Comod Ce Greu E S Te Mistui N Fiin Emil Cioran

About the Author: Emil M. Cioran

Born in 1911 in R inari, a small village in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania, raised under the rule of a father who was a Romanian Orthodox priest and a mother who was prone to depression, Emil Cioran wrote his first five books in Romanian Some of these are collections of brief essays one or two pages, on average others are collections of aphorisms Suffering from insomnia since his adoles

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    Really, Emil You re tempted to exist God, talk about your first world problems Outside the Latin Quarter, has anyone ever troubled their head about such a ridiculous pseudo dilemma A lot of smart people around here seem to love Cioran, but I just don t get the attraction True, he s a gifted stylist, but what s the point of filling book after book with beautiful sentences if y

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    How can one resist this title just the title alone One of the great cynical thinkers in the 20th Century I recently discovered him, and once I read this book, i had to go out and get every title by this incredible writer Goo...

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    Poor Cioran I often think of him as he was depicted in the introduction to On the Heights of Despair , a withered old man with a thick sprouting of silver straw flaming from his skull, softly admitting to Ilinca Zarifopol Johnston that he was weary of slandering the universe in the end, even the great decrier slumped back against the walls of our earthly prison Imagine being such an acu

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    Bir ba ka yaz m s ras na g re okudu um ki i ve kitaplar da Cioran n eserleridir E er bilmedi im ba ka eser yoksa 2 kitap sonra bitiyor ve t m eserleri kapsayan genel bir yaz yazmaya al aca m.

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    Cioran mi diverte, nel senso pi puro e completo del termine In un epoca dominata da un pragmatismo acritico ai limiti dell idiozia, i suoi pensieri sfondano le pi elementari barriere concettuali con sfrontatezza E con profonda, potente e nascosta, ironia Il suo nihilismo appare pesante, funereo e privo di respiro, solo a chi non riesce mai a liberarsi dal proprio determinismo necessario a chi incatenato alla propria,

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    The Temptation to Exist makes an interesting complement or foil to Paul Tillich s The Courage To Be The two map opposite poles of our spiritual life, as well as revealing two different meanings that ultimate lucidity can have Read on its own, Cioran s perspective seems incomplete, forced Only in this fertile opposition does it get its full sense for me Every work turns against its author the poem will crush the poet, the syste

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    Bu kitab nda zaman konusuna e ilmemi ben asl nda b yle bir beklenti i indeydim ama e ilmedi i de konu kalmam yi kitapt.

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    I ve spent 2 3 hours with this now, spread over a couple of days and I m sorry to say I can t find anything very interesting in it Maybe it s me The only essay that grabbed me at all is on a winded civilization It has some fine insights on the meta psychology I m just making up a word that doesn t really mean anything here of cultural decay which he dates Anti Enlightenment guy that he is from the end of the 18th cen.And even that very brief es

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    r menin Kitab ndan sonra kalemine vuruldu um Cioran dan bir inci daha Agresif, fkeli ve umutsuz bir yazar Cioran Dili a r ve tumturakl Bu kitapta da yine dinleri, din adamlar n , sanat , roman , sanat y ve var olmay sorunsalla t r yor ntihara e ilimli olsa da yazarak hayata tutunuyor Cioran Hem kendine hem de d nyaya kin, fke ve nefret kusuyor ...

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    Cioran is just humorous enough in his pessimism, and acerbic in his irony though I m not convinced that a lot of his most outrageous statements were actually as ironic for him as they ve been perceived to be by many critics and commentators , and anyone who loves a mental exercise, murky and inside out as they can be, will enjoy this collection of post Nietzschean philosophical essays And the introduction by Susan Sontag is engaging and informative Now, down to

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