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The Superhuman Mind BOOKS The Superhuman Mind Berit Brogaard Realestatelawcenter.us Did You Know Your Brain Has Superpowers Berit Brogaard, PhD, And Kristian Marlow Study People With Astonishing Talents Memory Champions, Human Echolocators, Musical Virtuosos, Math Geniuses, And Synesthetes Who Taste Colors And Hear Faces But As Amazing As These Abilities Are, They Are Not Mysterious Our Brains Constantly Process A Huge Amount Of Information Below Our Awareness, And What These Gifted Individuals Have In Common Is That Through Practice, Injury, An Innate Brain Disorder, Or Even Unusual Circumstances, They Have Managed To Gain A Degree Of Conscious Access To This Potent Processing Power The Superhuman Mind Takes Us Inside The Lives And Brains Of Geniuses, Savants, Virtuosos, And A Wide Variety Of Ordinary People Who Have Acquired Truly Extraordinary Talents, One Way Or Another Delving Into The Neurological Underpinnings Of These Abilities, The Authors Even Reveal How We Can Acquire Some Of Them Ourselves From Perfect Pitch And Lightning Fast Math Skills To Supercharged Creativity The Superhuman Mind Is A Book Full Of The Fascinating Science Readers Look For From The Likes Of Oliver Sacks, Combined With The Exhilarating Promise Of Moonwalking With Einstein.

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I received this book from a giveaway at good reads The Superhuman Mind How To Unleash Your Inner Genius by Berit Brogaard and Kristian Marlow has been a very insightful read For such a complex topic, the authors were able to thoroughly explain the topics within the book for the average reader who isn t so familiar with how the brain works This is the one of the ma

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    I confess I was sceptical about this one, despite the PhD author A student lent this to me, though, and in addition to generally trying to keep an open mind, I like to take an interest in what students are reading So while I probably wouldn t have picked up The Superhuman Mind on my own, I gave it a try and it was all right The rhetoric was not as hyperbolic as I feared, and the scientific aspects were pretty fascinating It doesn t have the same

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    Excellent introduction to how our brain works, notably making up for faculties adversely affected The authors present the material in an engaging way, using real life examples successfully By tying these real life stories into the associated anatomical processes, they make the science behind it appear ap...

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    This is chock full of good info and reference to studies and human examples However, I found myself skimming quite a bit after the first few chapters, looking forinfo on how to free the genius I skipped to the last chapter and was somewhat gratified Then I went back and read the rest of the book, skimming occasionally, and found the chapter on sleep and lucid dreaming the most helpful Chapter 9 stirred up the disturbing prospect of artificial general int

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    I gave this book a try I really did I even tried the exercises in it I just can t get behind the whole Unleashing Your Inner Genius part.I understand that, with practice, you can re wire your brain to think a certain way However, that study has been shown repeatedly There s ...

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    This was fascinating The human brain is amazing.

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    Don t expect to actually unleash your inner genius.

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    Very interesting information on the science of improving mental ability but I was hoping forpractical process for each of us to perform to successfully make improvements Exercises, training procedures or other methods that I could work on to make improvement on my own were not discussed.

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    Brogaard is a philosopher operating a lab on multisensory research at the University of Miami Her co author, Kristian Marlow, is a researcher and graduate student at the lab The book can be best summarized by the first paragraph of Chapter 10 In this book we have explored the boundaries of seemingly superhuman mental ability Our brain is capable of incredible things, but often they re only triggered or brought to the surface through accidents or rare situations We have expl

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    Excellent reading for anyone that wants to try and understand the inner workings of our brains Many fascinating people, with extraordinary talents.

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