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The Vanishing Man: In Pursuit of Velazquez In , A Reading Bookseller Named John Snare Came Across The Dirt Blackened Portrait Of A Prince At A Country House Auction Suspecting That It Might Be A Long Lost Vel Zquez, He Bought The Picture And Set Out To Discover Its Strange History When Laura Cumming Stumbled On A Startling Trial Involving John Snare, It Sent Her On A Search Of Her Own At First She Was Pursuing The Picture, And The Life And Work Of The Elusive Painter, But Then She Found Herself Following The Bookseller S Fortunes Too From London To Edinburgh To Nineteenth Century New York, From Fame To Ruin And ExileAn Innovative Fusion Of Detection And Biography, This Book Shows How And Why Great Works Of Art Can Affect Us, Even To The Point Of Mania And On The Trail Of John Snare, Cumming Makes A Surprising Discovery Of Her Own But Most Movingly, The Vanishing Man Is An Eloquent And Passionate Homage To The Spanish Master Vel Zquez, Bringing Us Closer To The Creation And Appreciation Of His Works Than Ever Before The Vanishing Man Is A Riveting Detective Story And A Brilliant Reconstruction Of An Art Controversy, But It Is Also A Homage To The Art Of Vel Zquez, Written By A Critic Who Remains Spellbound By His Genius, As Readers Will Be Spellbound By This Book Colm T Ib N

About the Author: Laura Cumming

Laura Cumming born July 1961 the art critic for The Observer In addition to her career in journalism, Cumming has written well received books on self portraits in art and the discovery of a lost portrait by Diego Vel zquez in 1845.

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    B 73% More than Satisfactory NotesLike a box too big for its baubles, it s profuse in puffy packing peanuts padding out vacuities with filler art analyses.

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    They were like guests at a surprise party waiting for your arrival and now you have entered the room their room, not the real one around you or so it mysteriously seems The whole scene twinkles with expectation That is the f

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    Two enigmatic men are the subject of this book John Snare, a bookseller and printer, is an ordinary Victorian man who in 1845 attends an inauspicious auction of artefacts from a boys school that has closed down There he sees a pain

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    Hmm, a nice book.Chapters mostly alternate between the story of one John Snare, a mid ninetenth century bookseller, stationer and printer from Reading who bought at auction a painting that he became convinced was a portrait of Charles I b

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    An excellent overview of the work of Diego Velazquez and his standing among the Old Masters It s also the story of one man transfixed to the point of monomania by one of Velazquez s works, John Snare, a 19th century bookseller and collector High

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    There is something intensely romantic in the fact that while walking up Broadway in the midst of a busy noonday crowd made up of Bulls and Bears, rattling omnibuses, express wagons, Fifth avenue carriages, railroad ticket offices, big hotels, big coach

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    BOTWhttp www.bbc.co.uk programmes b06x8vq2Description Laura Cumming charts the obsession of a 19th century Reading bookseller with a portrait of Charles I painted when the Monarch was a young man on a visit to Madrid The Spanish genius Velasquez painted very

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    An obsession with a work of art led to the ruin of a British man, John Snare In 1845, Snare purchased an old painting at an auction He thought it might be a painting of Charles I, painted by Velazquez when the future English king visited Madrid In this true story, a

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    In 1845, a humble bookseller named John Snare bought a painting at an auction, which was listed as being probably a Van Dyck but which he was convinced was a Velazquez This book tells the story of how that purchase took over Snare s life, not always for the better Along th

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    I love Velasquez and I like true detective stories but, for me, this book has been a bit overhyped The basic problem is that, despite all the research Laura Cumming has done, ultimately there is very little known about Velasquez life and background A masterful painter he may have

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