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Trace Memory Tiger Bay, Cardiff, A Mysterious Crate Is Brought Into The Docks On A Scandinavian Cargo Ship, The Kungssangen Its Destination The Torchwood Institute As The Crate Is Offloaded By A Group Of Local Dockers It Explodes, Killing All But One A Young Butetown Lad Called Michael Bellini Fifty Eight Years Later A Radioactive Source Somewhere Inside Torchwood Leads The Team To Discover The Same Michael Bellini, Still Young And Dressed In His S Clothes, Cowering In The Vaults As They Question The Intruder, It Becomes Apparent That Each Of Them Has Met Him In The Past All Of Them Remember Him Talking Incoherently About Terrifying Men In Bowler Hats And Little , But It S Jack Who Remembers Him Best Of All

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    A mysterious create is brought to Cardiff in 1953, whilst being unloaded it explodes and kills everyone except Michael Bellini.The Torchwood crew discover Michael in the hub and all realise that they have seen

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    In 1953, four men agreed to come late to the docks and take one crate from a Swedish ship A huge explosion leaves only one, Michael Bellini, alive The item that was in the crate ended up in Torchwood vaults Present day

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    From my blog Quill Caf In accordance with the FTC, I would like to disclose that I purchased this book The opinions expressed are mine and no monetary compensation was offered to me by the author or publisher Michael Bellini is j

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    This is the story of Michael, who was seen in different points of time, over the span of years, never in order, and every where that Michael went, death was sure to go This was a good story, sad but good My only complaint is it felt short

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    Oh, I really liked this A lot It was just quiet and haunting and sad and lovely I liked the way the narrative was set up, floating in and out of time The look at Torchwood 1 was terrifying, honestly The characterization was exactly spot on, and the

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    Now this is the type of story I really enjoy My favourite Torchwood trope the flashback is used to wonderful effect Glimpses into everyone s past,insight into Jack s long journey through the 20th century, and a beautiful sense of melancholy and love that perm

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    I haven t been impressed with the Torchwood novels, but I really enjoyed this one The story is cleverly written, and the characters are true to their TV form The author didn t forget that one of the reasons people love Torchwood so much is due to the characters complex

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    An excellent book that would have made an awesome episode featuring a man who becomes unstuck in time very similar to Babylon 5 plot.

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    Fifteen Torchwood novels were produced in hardcover by BBC Books, and the quality seems to have been remarkably varied, from the intricate plot to the simple, from characters who felt instantly familiar to viewers, to others where it can be difficult to recognize them as the same Jack, Ia

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    in 1953 3 Cardiff dockworkers are waiting for a mysterious crate labelled Torchwood It explodes 2 of the men are killed but the third, Michael gets laced with Tachyon radiation which causes him to randomly time shift into the pasts and presents of the Torchwwod crew Mean while two very freaky alien

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