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Awkward Beat June Fitzpatrick Is Brazen And Sure She S Driven, Yet Wild Innocent, Yet Feisty Scheming, And Frankly, Bossy Imaginative, Sassy And A Little Bit DrunkYeah, She Ll Probably Blame It All On That Last One A Story About Sandwiches And The People Who Make And Eat Them From Onedirectionfanfiction

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    I finished this book in less than three days I think this explains a lot I couldn t put it down I was hooked Well Actually I haven t read these kind of stories in a while and to be honest I wasn t sure I d like it in the end But it did surprise me and I loved every word It s a well written book and its characters h

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    Awkward Beat is the brilliant work of Cat, a woman whose talent will never compare to any author I ve ever read or will ever read.

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    im yelling i didnt know u can read fics on her enfndjdkd

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Sooooo, I read this because a friend suggested it and I wanted to put it here because I read it And this is long Anyway Haha this book made me laugh out loud a lot Everyone is hilarious yet at the same time I couldn t stop reading I just w

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    Please don t let this being fanfiction stop you from reading this because its amazing This has to be on my top 5 reads this year It s so witty and clever, SO well written and HILARIOUS It s long but i didn t feel like it was dragging on for too long, personally i thought the pace and timing was perfect It used all the

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    I ve read this ages ago And I can t get over it, simply because it s breathtaking Whenever I remember it my heart swells with affection It drives me insane that this wasn t recognized, this should have been published It will always be a favorite of mine.

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    Beautifully written Funny, clever, eloquent, amazing in every aspect Every single detail is so thoroughly planned and well thought You forget is a fanfiction from One direction since technically the author only uses their names and physical images for reference.

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