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Unseen City BOOKS Unseen City Author Nathanael Johnson Instaposter.us It All Started With Nathanael Johnson S Decision To Teach His Daughter The Name Of Every Tree They Passed On Their Walk To Day Care In San Francisco This Project Turned Into A Quest To Discover The Secrets Of The Neighborhood S Flora And Fauna, And Yielded Than Names And Trivia Johnson Developed A Relationship With His Nonhuman Neighbors.Johnson Argues That Learning To See The World Afresh, Like A Child, Shifts The Way We Think About Nature Instead Of Something Distant And Abstract, Nature Becomes Real All At Once Comical, Annoying, And Beautiful This Shift Can Add Tremendous Value To Our Lives, And It Might Just Be The First Step In Saving The World.No Matter Where We Live City, Country, Oceanside, Ormountains There Are Wonders That We Walk Past Every Day Unseen City Widens The Pinhole Of Our Perspective By Allowing Us To View The World From The High Altitude Eyes Of A Turkey Vulture And The Distinctly Low Altitude Eyes Of A Snail The Narrative Allows Us To Eavesdrop On The Comically Frenetic Life Of A Squirrel And Peer Deep Into The Past With A Ginkgo Biloba Tree Each Of These Organisms Has Something Unique To Tell Us About Our Neighborhoods And, Chapter By Chapter, Unseen City Takes Us On A Journey That Is Part Nature Lesson And Part Love Letter To The World S Urban Jungles With The Right Perspective, A Walk To The Subway Can Be Every Bit As Entrancing As A Walk Through A National Park.

About the Author: Nathanael Johnson

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Unseen City book, this is one of the most wanted Nathanael Johnson author readers around the world.

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    The publisher s blurb serves as a nice intro, but this book is so muchIncluded here are some fascinating tidbits pigeons were once a symbol of affluence in places abandoned by humans like the Scottish isle of St Kilda the pigeons have gone extinct racing pigeons which can travel up to 110 mph have sold forthan 300,000 PER BIRD The author eases us into becomingaware of individual aspects of our local flora think Euell Gibbons whether weeds or trees,

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    In San Francisco and Berkeley, the author seeks to light a fire of science in his daughter s visions for the future Along the way both of them full in love with magnifying, observing, and learning about urban flora and fauna Who knew there were so much mystifying and impressive about pigeons, including they are here because of 18th Century hobbyists Weeds you can eat, the activities of squirrels including drey architecture Insights into the languages of b

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    Meh There were a few interesting tidbits here but the author s endless droning on about his kid and his seeming fear of natural things made it a boring read A much better book for those interested in learningabout the nature in our backyards...

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    Nature is trendy Everyone wants to write about discovering it all over again, about animals, plants, natural magic hidden all around us Yet, these publications don t bring nothing new on the table same old news, same curiosities written all over again, in different words, with different covers Nathanael Johnson s book is nice, sweet and easy to read, however one must remember that Nathanael Johnson is just like everyone else he is not a specialist, h...

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    I stopped reading this book after a couple of chapters because I was getting annoyed by the organization and writing style I think I m just the wrong audience, but I wantedactual information and fewer cute stories about his preschool daughter and comments about how he used to think pigeons were sooooo gross before he started to observe them And yet, I would definitely recommend this book to other people, because I can see how it could inspire them to take a closer look at the

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    This is the most fascinating, delightful book that I have read this year Most people do not pay attention to all the living beings around them in their suburban, city world Sure, we notice other humans, but what about all the birds, bugs, weeds, squirrels, etc The author takes you into this world and gives you incredible information that you would have never guessed Such an interesting read, that would be even better if you share it with your children This book was very timely for m

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    Oh man I loved this book so much Especially pertinent to me because he s talking about things I see every day in the Bay Area He answers those curiosities you didn t even know you had, but had probably registered below the surface I did want to know why pigeon ...

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    This book is about all of the animals that you see but never really noticeThe snail, the crow, the squirrel, all the things that you pass on your way to work and don t really give any thought to This ...

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    i m already fairly observant but this book made me evenaware of my surroundings, which is only a good thing I learned some facts about ants and crows that made me laugh out loud wish there was less pigeon bashing, but I m used to that

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    I feel like I quite possibly wished this book into existence Interesting nerdy details about the wildlife around the average city dweller including ginkgoes and crows Yes please

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