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The Family That Overtook Christ:The Amazing Story of the Family of Bernard of Clairvaux KINDLE The Family That Overtook Christ The Amazing Story Of The Family Of Bernard Of Clairvaux Author M Raymond Bystricepodhostynem.eu The Family That Overtook Christ He Was Called The Man Of His Age, The Voice Of His Century His Influence Towered Above That Of His Contemporaries, And His Sanctity Moved God Himself Men Flocked To Him Some In Wonder, Others In Curiosity, But All Drawn By The Magnetism Of His Spiritual Gianthood Bernard Of Clairvaux Who Or What Fashioned Him To Be Suitable For His Role Of Counseling Popes, Healing Schisms, Battling Errors And Filling The World With Holy Religious And Profound Spiritual Doctrine Undoubtedly, Bernard Is The Product Of God S Grace But It Is Hard To Say Whether This Grace Is Evident In Bernard Himself Or In The Extraordinary Family In Which God Chose To Situate This Dynamic Personality This Book Is The Fascinating Account Of A Family That Took Seriously The Challenge To Follow Christ And To Overtake Him With Warmth And Realism, Venerable Tescelin, Blesseds Alice, Guy, Gerard, Humbeline, Andrew, Bartholomew, Nivard And St Bernard Step Off These Pages With The Engaging Naturalness That Attracts Imitation Here Is A Book That Makes Centuries Disappear, As Each Member Of This Unique Family Becomes An Inspiration In Our Own Quest Of Overtaking Christ.

About the Author: M. Raymond

Fr Mary Raymond Flanagan, O.C.S.O.Born Joseph David Flanagan in 1903, he grew up in Massachusetts He joined the Jesuits in 1920, teaching at Holy Cross College from 1927 to 1930 and later serving as retreat master In 1936, he joined the Order of the Cistercians of the Strict Observance Trappists at the cloister of the Abbey of Our Lady of Gethsemane in Kentucky where he received the name he i

10 thoughts on “The Family That Overtook Christ:The Amazing Story of the Family of Bernard of Clairvaux

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    La familia que alcanz a Cristo sta es la historia de la familia de San Bernardo de Clairvaux, el hombre m s influyente de su tiempo a mi parecer El libro cuenta c mo cada uno de los miembros de la familia alcanz la Santidad, y c mo cada uno de ellos influy en el otro para lograr ese tan preciado anhelo de encuentro cara a cara con Dios la vida eterna Lo que m s me gusta de este libro es que exhorta a todos a ser san

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    I really loved this book From the way it was written to the inspiring conversations that went on between these saints This is one of those books I have wanted to read for a long time, but kept putting it...

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    This was a great book Not just Bernard, but the whole family is very holy It s amazing how Bernard could convince all those noble s and nights to come and join a small order in the middle of nowhere I don t even know where to start I just loved this book and think everyone should read it.

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    Loved it Keeping it on the shelf in case my kids decide to pick it up when they get older and find not only an engaging story but a religious vocation

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    Wow A must read This book is absolutely phenomenal For any family or anyone discerning religious life, this book will change your life May we all strive to overtake Christ

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    One time through isn t enough to take in all this book has to offer So much great stuff to ponder I ll be starting it over again soon.

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    Una gran novela hist rica, que te traslada profundamente a una poca d nde la santidad era habitual.

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    The initial chapter of this book lays out a story in which a nun criticizes many of the books about saints for making them to be than human The author then explains that he hopes to avoid this common mistake I personally believe that he did an excellent job and that this book shares both the human traits as well as the graces from God in the lives of Bernard of Clairvaux and his parents, brothers, and sister.I enjoyed the storytelling method of portraying the characters

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    This is the story of the family of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux France where all the members both parents as well as all seven siblings became saints The book is written in a style that s both friendly and intense, conveying the feeling that while aspiring and working to become a saint is no easy ride, God does not make it difficult, nor does he place a lot of obstacles You can feel that it is an interplay or interactive, as we say it in the modern language between you and God, wh

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    I read on Kindle a great book by the late Cistercian, Fr M Raymond OCSO, The Family that Overtook Christ It s the story of St Bernard of Clairvaux and his amazing family Very inspiring Fr Raymond really knows how to dramatise a story and hold your interest, all the while teaching and motivating I think I ll read it again before longso many ...

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