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The Concept of the Political In This, His Most Influential Work, Legal Theorist And Political Philosopher Carl Schmitt Argues That Liberalism S Basis In Individual Rights Cannot Provide A Reasonable Justification For Sacrificing Oneself For The State This Edition Of The 1932 Work Includes The Translator S Introduction By George Schwab Which Highlights Schmitt S Intellectual Journey Through The Turbulent Period Of German History Leading To The Hitlerian One Party State It Also Includes Leo Strauss S Analysis Of Schmitt S Thesis And A Foreword By Tracy B Strong Placing Schmitt S Work Into Contemporary Context.

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    Vladimir Putin had a good week here in Michigan this past week Opponents of liberal democracy and the rule of law are slapping hands over the spectacle of a group of heavily armed Michiganders trying to force their way into the St

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    Carl Schmitt, like Martin Heidegger, has the scary Nazi stain permanently covering his philosophical legacy Despite his tainted reputation, The Concept of the Political is still regarded by those on the right and left , as one of the best o

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    Two ways to make a big deal of a book make sure its author was momentarily a Nazi, and, by the logical principle of contagion, follow the logic author was a nazi book is certainly nazified reader reader book reader becomes a nazi Bam This is the most

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    Of the conservative thinkers I have read in the last few years, Schmitt is by far the worst I disagree with him on every level philosophical, ethical, practical, formal, psychological, and empirical He epitomizes what Nietzsche describes as the worst character

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    A frank explanation of politics, and the fact of an ever present adversary in some form No political science is really science, and most political theory is nonsense, but Schmitt seems to be saying things that match up with reality here I need to read this again.

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    A fantastic political piece of work on the nature of politics, or as Schmitt puts it the political Schmitt fundamentally describes politics as a realm whereby groups of people with shared characteristics compete for collective power over other groups with opposing characteristics

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    First a longish preface about where I m coming from in reading and reacting to this book I m a newcomer to reading about political theory political philosophy One thing I ve become curious about is its boundaries as a discipline Just from casual conversations, I get the impression that pol

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    Carl Schmitt 1888 1985 is most recognised for his idea of friend foe distinction The ability of a group of people to define their enemies and friends constitutes the political The ultimate consequence and litmus test of this this process is war I find it interesting, that the friend foe distinction

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    In the book Schmitt describes the necessary methodological concepts for studying the political which is the friend enemy distinction The idea is basically that the world consists in nodes of power and these nodes are composed of people These nodes are political entities They are necessarily potentially antago

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    The conscience of a conservative is laid bare for the world to see in this book Their foundational assumptions are laid out by this author Yes, the author is writing as a conservative and not as a fascist, but the difference as he expresses his views are only of degrees not of kind The line between his version of conse

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