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The Concept of the Political In This, His Most Influential Work, Legal Theorist And Political Philosopher Carl Schmitt Argues That Liberalism S Basis In Individual Rights Cannot Provide A Reasonable Justification For Sacrificing Oneself For The State This Edition Of The Work Includes The Translator S Introduction By George Schwab Which Highlights Schmitt S Intellectual Journey Through The Turbulent Period Of German History Leading To The Hitlerian One Party State It Also Includes Leo Strauss S Analysis Of Schmitt S Thesis And A Foreword By Tracy B Strong Placing Schmitt S Work Into Contemporary Context

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    Schmitt was a Nazi, or at least closely associated with them Let s get that ugly fact out in front of the bullet speckled walls He penned anti Semitic articles and openly praised the Nazi government during the Night of the Long Kn

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    Two ways to make a big deal of a book make sure its author was momentarily a Nazi, and, by the logical principle of contagion, follow the logic author was a nazi book is certainly nazified reader reader book reader becomes a nazi Bam This i

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    Carl Schmitt, like Martin Heidegger, has the scary Nazi stain permanently covering his philosophical legacy Despite his tainted reputation, The Concept of the Political is still regarded by those on the right and left , as one of the best overviews o

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    Carl Schmitt 1888 1985 is most recognised for his idea of friend foe distinction The ability of a group of people to define their enemies and friends constitutes the political The ultimate consequence and litmus test of this this process is war I find it inter

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    dangerous, yet brilliant.

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    The specific political distinction to which political actions and motives can be reduced is that between friend and enemy A very interesting exploration of what the political and non political realm encompasses, a detailed categorization of different types of conflicts, as well a

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    I read the bulk of The Concept of the Political quite rapidly, but I nonetheless got a few interesting though scattered reflections from Schmitt s influential essay It s hard to talk about Schmitt without raising the fact of his unmitigated allegiance to the Nazi party, and while this piec

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    I read this philosophical work with the help of the book Carl Schmitt and Leo Strauss The Hidden Dialogue by Heinrich Meier and many other works of Carl Schmitt.My objective in reading this book was to bring Carl s theological political worldview to the foreground.All I can say is that this philosop

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    What a wham bam shazzam tour de force After finishing it, I m not sure if I m leaningleft or rightwards It is a manifest fraud to condemn war as homicide and then demand of men that they wage war, kill and be killed, so that there will never again be war War, the readiness of combatants to die, the physical k

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    De todos los libros que tuve que leer para Teor a Pol tica, este fue lejos el mejor Pero una precauci n no estarecomendado para ilusos, ut picos, idealistas Es para quien quiera llegar a la esencia de la pol tica, que para Schmitt radica en el conflicto , no verbal o econ mico, sino que existencial , es decir, la oposi

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