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The Day Before Happiness Just After World War II, A Young Orphan Living In Naples Comes Under The Protection Of Don Gaetano, The Superintendent Of An Apartment Building He Is A Generous Man And Is Very Attached To The Boy, Telling Him About The War And The Liberation Of The City By The Neapolitans He Teaches Him To Play Cards, Shows Him How To Do Odd Jobs For The Tenants, And Even Initiates Him Into The World Of Sex By Sending Him One Evening To A Widow Who Lives In The Building But Don Gaetano Possesses Another Gift As Well He Knows How To Read People S Thoughts And Guesses Correctly That His Young Friend Is Haunted By The Image Of A Girl He Noticed By Chance Behind A Window During A Soccer Match Years Later, When The Girl Returns, The Orphan Will Need Don Gaetano S Help Than Ever

About the Author: Erri De Luca

Upon completing high school in 1968 Erri De Luca joined the radical left wing movement Lotta Continua After the organization s disbandment he worked as a blue collar at the Fiat factory in Turin and at the Catania airport He also was as a truck driver and a mason, working in job sites in Italy, France and Africa He rode relief convoys in Yugoslavia during the war between 1993 and 1999.He is self taught in several languages including Ancient Hebrew and Yiddish.De Luca is a passionate mountain climber A reclusive character, he currently lives in a remote cottage in the countryside of Rome.Although he never stopped writing since he was 20, his first book is published in 1989, Non ora, non qui Not now, not here Manybooks followed, best sellers in Italy, France and Israel, his work being translated and published in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Holland, USA, Brazil, Poland, Norway, Danmark, Romania, Greece and Lithuania He has himself translated several books of the Bible into Italian like Exodus, Jonah, Ecclesiastes, Ruth, and explored various aspects of Judaism, as a non believer.In France, he received the France Culture Prize in 1994 for Aceto, arcobaleno, the Laure Bataillon Award in 2002 for Tre cavalli and, also in 2002, the F mina tranger for Montedidio, translated in English as God s Mountain He was a member of the jury at the Cannes Festival in 2003.Erri De Luca writes regularly for various newspapers La Repubblica, Il Manifesto, Corriere della Sera, Avvenire , and magazines.

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    Ugh, this is an exquisite little book It would make a great companion piece to Elena Ferrante s My Brilliant Friend, with which it shares both theme and setting namely, a childhood in Naples in the 1950s Beyond that, though, t

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    I m trying to readcontemporary Italian writers and Erri De Luca has interested me for a while, so anyway it was short and i quite enjoyed it I felt like there are phrases that might work in Italian, which is a fairly intense flowery l

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    I know I took forever to read this short book, but it wasto lack of time than not liking the book That is actually a very interesting portrayal of a young orphan boys coming of age and the history of Naples at the end of WWII The writing take

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    The Day Before Hap pi ness by Erri De Luca is a fic tional novel which takes place in the early 1950s The story uses flash backs to wartime Italy.Don Gae tano, the super in ten dent of an apart ment build ing in Naples, is pro tect ing a young orphan

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    This is a marvelous, moving philosophical work with sentimental elements But those elements are outweighed luckily, I think by the truth and sincerity of the story, and by the author s compelling voice I really enjoyed it, and I appreciated it Don t mistake

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    Erri De Luca is one of Italy s most popular authors he s also garnered critical praise, such as being named author of the decade 2001 2010 by the Corriere della Sera He typically publishes short works, several each year, in fiction, essay, and poetry This one is onl

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    Memories of rebellion and war against fascism in Naples city In the same time about this orphan kid who s growing and wanting to learn everything about life experiences and it s nature, by reading old books of italian literature , in which the old guard of the building wher

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    A charming tale of boyhood, adolescence, love and war More or less an ode to Naples, it s one of those books I ll remember for a long time.

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    Well that was utterly brilliant The shape of the story was very well done As we trundled towards the end of it, I was wondering what the climax of the story would be, and was not disappointed.The only part that made me pause for thought was thinking about some of the translation choices If

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