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Lincoln at Peoria Epub Lincoln At Peoria Author Lewis E Lehrman Freeboooks.com The Pivotal Speech That Changed The Course Of Lincoln S Career And America S History Complete Examination Of The Speech, Including The Full Text Delivered In 1854 In Peoria, Illinois To Understand President Abraham Lincoln, One Must Understand The Extraordinary Antislavery Speech Lincoln Delivered At Peoria On October 16, 1854 This Three Hour Address Marked The Turning Point In Lincoln S Political Pilgrimage, Dramatically Altering His Political Career And, As A Result, The History Of America.Lincoln Opposed Any Further Extension Of Slavery In The American Republic, Holding To The Declaration Of Independence S Universal Principle That All Men Are Created Equal In Response To The Kansas Nebraska Act, Lincoln Launched His Antislavery Campaign, Delivering Speeches In Springfield And Peoria.The Peoria Address Was Rigorous, Logical, And Grounded In Historical Research It Marked Lincoln S Reentry Into Politics And His Preparation For The Presidency In 1861 The Speech Catapulted Lincoln Into The National Debates Over Slavery And Into National Politics For The Rest Of His Life.Though Historians And Biographers Have Noted Its Importance, Lincoln S Speech At Peoria Has Not Received The Attention It Deserves Lincoln At Peoria Offers A Complete Examination Of The Speech That Changed The Course Of Our Nation.

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    3.5 stars, but I rounded up because this book gave me a lot of new insight to the start of Lincoln s political revival and how the Kansas Nebraska Act shaped his opinion of slavery and his Presidency I thought the book relied a little too much on quotes from Lincoln scholar...

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    If you are a true Lincolnphile, then this book is for you I thought I knew a lot about the man, but I didn t know the extent and lengths he took to begin preparing himself for his true life s work The Kansas Nebraska Act of 1854 would energize Lincoln and eventually catapult him into the national limelight a full four years before the famous Lincoln Douglas debates It would help launch the Re

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    Fantastic read, but be prepared for a very, very dry read It took me forever to get through this book but it was a read that I knew I had to do to understand Lincoln.

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    A very long book, not in pages but as afar as to how long it takes Its is very factual and full of information If just interested in history, or doing any sort of report this book would be wonderful for you

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    Lucid analysis, the politics, law, and Lincoln s thought and development.

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    If you are interested in history, folk lore or news stories about the greater Peoria area, then please join the Will It Play In Peoria discussion group

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    Got about halfway through The reading seemed rather repetitive It probably could have been written well in half the space.

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    Digs into the events prior to the Peoria speech and then show the progression of Lincoln s case for emancipation after the speech.

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    A little too thin a topic, plus other writers don t see Peoria as anything than of the same

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    This detailed look at how Lincoln s life was shaped by his Peoria speech was fascinating I hadn t realized that Lincoln was so firmly in the anti slavery camp from the beginning.

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