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The Value of Everything: Making and Taking in the Global Economy Modern Economies Reward Activities That Extract Value Rather Than Create It This Must Change To Insure A Capitalism That Works For Us AllIn This Scathing Indictment Of Our Current Global Financial System, The Value Of Everything Rigorously Scrutinizes The Way In Which Economic Value Has Been Determined And Reveals How The Difference Between Value Creation And Value Extraction Has Become Increasingly Blurry Mariana Mazzucato Argues That This Blurriness Allowed Certain Actors In The Economy To Portray Themselves As Value Creators, While In Reality They Were Just Moving Existing Value Around Or, Even Worse, Destroying ItThe Book Uses Case Studies From Silicon Valley To The Financial Sector To Big Pharma To Show How The Foggy Notions Of Value Create Confusion Between Rents And Profits, A Difference That Distorts The Measurements Of Growth And GDPThe Lesson Here Is Urgent And Sobering To Rescue Our Economy From The Next, Inevitable Crisis And To Foster Long Term Economic Growth, We Will Need To Rethink Capitalism, Rethink The Role Of Public Policy And The Importance Of The Public Sector, And Redefine How We Measure Value In Our Society

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    A must read for finance people and economists This is an excellent history of bad ideas and theories in economics Most especially, about how the government got removed and discounted as a creator of value In fa

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    Mazzucato s observations and conclusions won t surprise readers who ve readthan one or two works of contemporary critical theory But the fact that she is writing in a different register and for a largely different audien

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    Capitalism has a problem and that is to confuse price with value So not only we think a 6 apple must be nicer than a 2 one, we also think that someone earning 100k must be better than one earning 60k etc Firms are also told to onl

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    Mariana is a post Keynesian, hence relies on observations of actual economic behaviour rather than doctrine and illogical theoretical assumptions as did Keynes in his writings and some of this book follows Keynes discussions in his General

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    I heard an interview with the author on the Brian Lehrer show Her perspective on value leans a littlesocialist than mine, but it s healthy to read opinions different from your own.Certainly, her opinions are different than mine, though I can hear ech

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    I have long known in my gut that usual measures of social wealth, most of all GDP, are fraudulent, in that they falsely identify value where there is none I have intuited we were all being lied to, and that those who assured us that evervalue was being generat

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    A very disappointing book Since it was billed as a refreshing alternative to free market capitalism, I was excited to see an academic take on what sustainable left leaning policies look like, rather than the typical left wing media take that relies heavily on moral obli

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    The value of everything by Mariana Mazzucato is about value creation and value extraction, making versus taking, which is a subtitle of the book We currently have corporate governance structures which are very much not just aimed at short termism but actually very much centred ar

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    Mazzucato is one of the most interesting economists working today I say this because her project in the last two books focus on a ground up redetermination of what is important in the economy To someone like me, who is interested in the social generation and distribution of resources but w

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    I wanted to like this book I thought that Mazzucato had her heart in the right place I kept hoping that she was going to deliver a new theory of value that was going take us into value s Copernican universe so that both the old discredited labor theory of value and the Neoclassical idea that value i

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