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Who Is Sonia Sotomayor? The Truly Inspiring Story Of The First Latina Supreme Court Justice.Outspoken, Energetic, And Fun, Sonia Sotomayor Has Managed To Turn Every Struggle In Life Into A Triumph Born In The Bronx To Immigrant Parents From Puerto Rico, Sonia Found Out At Age Nine That She Had Diabetes, A Serious Illness Now But An Even Dangerous One Fifty Years Ago How Did Young Sonia Handle The Devastating News She Learned To Give Herself Her Daily Insulin Shots And Became Determined To Make The Most Out Of Her Life It Was The Popular Sixties TV Show Perry Mason That Made Sonia Want To Become A Lawyer Not Only A Lawyer, But A Judge Her Remarkable Career Was Capped In 2009 When President Barack Obama Nominated Her To The Supreme Court, Only The Third Woman And First Hispanic Justice In The Court S History Stories Of Sotomayor S Career Are Hardly Dry Legal Stuff She Once Hopped On A Motorcycle To Chase Down Counterfeiters And Was The Judge Whose Ruling Ended The Major League Baseball Strike In 1995.

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    This best selling kids series of Who What Where offers the kind of background information that students need For adults, these books are a quick mini lessons in history that save time sifting through information on the Web.

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    I read this book with my 11 year old and we enjoyed hearing about Sonia Sotomayor s life including her childhood in the Bronx and how she pursed education and excelled in her jobs.

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    Summary Sonia Sotomayor s life accomplishments are highlighted all throughout the book It begins with her childhood and what she endured growing up to her getting accepted into Princeton After Princeton, she takes on law school in order to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a Judge There are a lot of obstacles throughout her journey, but she overcomes them and accom

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    Love the opening story of her waiting for the call from the President of the United States and his advice that she always stay the same person she wasand stay connected to the world she came from I didn t realize she was diagnosed with diabetes at eight and injected her own insulin from that point on This diseas...

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    The Who Is biography series are perfect for elementary or intermediate age students interested in learning about the featured person for an assignment or just for an exciting read The afterward portion in this edition has a timeline on one side showing key events in Sonia Sotomayor s life and the opposite page shows worl...

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    Excellent children s chapter book on Sonia SotomayorExcellent children s chapter book on the life of Sonia Sotomayor This book goes into a brief history of Sonia s history including her early schooling, di...

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    I did not enjoy this book I had a serious disagreement with one line on page 2 The Supreme Court is the most important court in the country it decides whether laws in the United States are fair or not In my history class, we were taught that the Supreme Court det...

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    Great story about perseverance and taking chances.

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    Not as well written as some of the other books in the series.

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    Rated 5 starsAges 12

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