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I Capture the Castle Through Six Turbulent Months Of , Year Old Cassandra Mortmain Keeps A Journal, Filling Three Notebooks With Sharply Funny Yet Poignant Entries About Her Home, A Ruined Suffolk Castle, And Her Eccentric And Penniless Family By The Time The Last Diary Shuts, There Have Been Great Changes In The Mortmain Household, Not The Least Of Which Is That Cassandra Is Deeply, Hopelessly, In Love

About the Author: Dodie Smith

Born Dorothy Gladys Smith in Lancashire, England, Dodie Smith was raised in Manchester her memoir is titled A Childhood in Manchester She was just an infant when her father died, and she grew up fatherless until age 14, when her mother remarried and the family moved to London There she studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and tried for a career as an actress, but with little success She finally wound up taking a job as a toy buyer for a furniture store to make ends meet Giving up dreams of an acting career, she turned to writing plays, and in 1931 her first play, Autumn Crocus, was published under the pseudonym C.L Anthony It was a success, and her story from failed actress to furniture store employee to successful writer captured the imagination of the public and she was featured in papers all over the country Although she could now afford to move to a London townhouse, she didn t get caught up in the literary scene she married a man who was a fellow employee at the furniture store.During World War II she and her husband moved to the United States, mostly because of his stand as a conscientious objector and the social and legal difficulties that entailed She was still homesick for England, though, as reflected in her first novel, I Capture the Castle 1948 During her stay she formed close friendships with such authors as Christopher Isherwood and John Van Druten, and was aided in her literary endeavors by writer A.J Cronin.She is perhaps best known for her novel The Hundred and One Dalmatians, a hugely popular childrens book that has been made into a string of very successful animated films by Walt Disney She died in 1990.

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    My name is Cassandra Mortmain, I know it sounds made up but it s true I m 17 and bright as a button and never been kissed because it s the 1930s My family are effortlessly bohemian, we all live in a crumbling castle oh yes, quite literally and we have no money at all and we have only barely heard of the twentieth century How poor we are since father stopp

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    What a generous caretaker of a novel.If I say that this novel didn t require me to do any work, it sounds like a vague insult, as if I m saying that the story or the characters were slight, and that s not at all what I mean I mean that the novel, both through format a very self aware narrator s journal and authorial intent with a firm eye on the sort of story tell

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    This is going to be the shortest review I ve written on this site in a while The reason I m going to keep it short is because no description could possibly do justice to this quintessentially English coming of age story which ranks among the most pleasant surprises I ve had, book wise A summary would make it sound slight, trite and predictable, all of which it is, and woul

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    That s right I really liked it And I m not ashamed to admit it Now, would you please excuse me while I go read Hemingway and then kill something with my bare hands.

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    2.99 Kindle sale, May 1, 2020 4 stars Recommended if you like historical coming of age fiction I had never heard of I Capture the Castle until a friend gave it an extremely strong recommendation Dodie Smith is the author of The 101 Dalmatians the original basis for the Disney movie, and the only reason I was familiar with her name , which I read many years ago and really enjoyed.This 1948 n

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    With many of my favorite books I can still remember the person who put a copy in my hands Matilda was given to me for my 8th birthday by my stepdad, the title Pride and Prejudice scribbled on a piece of paper and handed to me by my young must ve been straight out of college 7th grade English teacher she gave me the paper and sent me to the library to find it, and I still remember sitting in that cla

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    Dear I Capture the Castle,What to say, what to say Hard to put down all the feelings To put it simply you did everything right The characterization like flowers slowly blooming The story like seasons changing, invisibly but inevitably The romance made both heartfelt and utterly, often infuriatingly real The details, oh the details I was put right into this world and right into Cassandra s head And the charm

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    The first half of this was like Jane Austen herself descended from the heavens godlike and delivered me, personally, a gift.The second half of this is like Jane Austen removed the mask and revealed she was just Some Romance Writer not to be confused with a good romance writer, of which there are many and then she also punched me in the stomach.In other words, I suffered unimaginably.Everyone goes ON and ON about this

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here i found this book to alternate between delightful and infuriating.here is the delightful images of the english countryside and the crumbling, fantastic castle cassandra s optimism and intelligence pre simon perfect descriptions of peaceful, contemplative momentsand here is the infuriating cassandra s father a supposed genius but in reality a sexis

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    This novel was darn near perfect.Cassandra her family inhabit a castle in conditions of extreme poverty Cassandra captures both her family s character their eccentric life style beautifully in her journals a very rare example of a diary narration working Different styles depths of love are explored I will never be persuaded that Cassandra s father is a likeable or even admirable character, but genius is often uncomfortable to be aroun

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