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Abarat: Days of Magic, Nights of War ,. A fantastic sequel And I for one cannot wait to sink my teeth into book 3 in this ongoing saga Absolute Midnight here I come Only this time I must have a physical copy so I can take in the beauty of Clive Barker s artwork E Scary, exciting, weird, adventurous, awesome and so many things that describe just how brilliant and horrifying this book really isAfter I had finished reading Clive Barker s first Abarat book, I was just dying to read of this fantastic and scary world that our heroine, Candy Quackenbush has gotten herself into So, I finally got around to reading the sequel Abarat Days of Magic Nights of War and I was just so impressed with what I have just finished reading Abarat Days of Magic Nights of War is definitely one sequel that you just have to check out Candy Quackenbush still continues her adventures at Abarat along with her new friend, a geshrat named Malingo and they traveled among the islands of Abarat together Unfortunately, the Lord of Midnight, Christopher Carrion wanted to capture Candy for he senses something unusual about Candy s presence in the Abarat and he sends the Criss Cross Man, Houlihan after them Now Candy and Malingo are on the run from the Criss Cross Man but further in the story, Candy soon discovers that Abarat feel The final war is about to begin In this second book of the Arabat series, Candy Quackenbush, with the help of the forces of Day, must use all their special powers to stop Christopher Carrion and the Army of Night s plot to establish a Permanent Midnight throughout the 25 islands that make up Abarat Barker lends a dark shadow to what would otherwise be a kind of Dr Seuss book The bad guys, Christopher Carrion and Mater Motley are incredibly deep I found myself wondering is Christopher was really evil or was he like Jessica in Roger Rabbit, I m not bad, I m just drawn that way Was he thrust into the role of bad guy by still stronger forces I liked this one better than the first, the story seemed to flow smoother, perhaps because I already had some level of familiarity with many of the large cast of characters developed and brought into to this second book The ending left many threads dangling in the air like leaves on 3 stars for the great story, writing, and characters.1 star for the beautiful illustrations. The second installment in Barker s YA series is, for me, a bit of a step back Still wholly enjoyable, and far better than most of the drivel that passes for adolescent literature these days, Days of Magic, Nights of War nonetheless didn t impress me as much as its predecessor did There are too many problems sprinkled throughout the narrative for me to shrug off or ignore, and so, while it pains me, I didn t feel it accurate to give this book a perfect ratingThe Good This section will be, essentially, a copy and paste of the positives that I detailed in my review of the first book Don t misunderstand me, however I m not repeating myself out of laziness.Okay, so I might be A little But that s the lesser reason Mostly, I m doing this because I really don t feel as though there s any new ground to cover here All of the things that I loved about Abarat are present in the sequel As such, my listing of the best parts of this book would simply be a rehashing of already stated opinions, only phrased in a slightly different way.And so, I now present you with a simple reposting, as I know that you re likely too lazy to actually go and find the review t This is book number 2 of the Abarat booksWhen I read the first book, I had the non illustrated version and its text was filled with imagery The second however I managed to get a copy of the one illustrated with Clive Barker s paintings It was amazing to see the characters come to life on each page, it was such a treat to have such a sensory mix of words and images in this strange world known as Abarat The characters have very distinguished characteristics and colourful personalities, even the much darker ones The plot is rich and full of very interesting surprises You get to meet alot of species of things in the world of Abarat It reminds me of when I was reading Dr Seuss books, except you get a thorough image of what it looks like in your head even if it wasn t painted on Sinceramente, qu puedo decir Qu Puedo Decir Primero que nada que esa pregunta est muy mal redactada Segundo Que me encanta esta serie Volvemos al punto en donde nos quedamos en el primero de los libros Candy y su nuevo mejor amigo, Malingo, han decidido recorrer juntos las islas para conocer lo m s que puedan de ellas La magia que Candy descubri en s misma aparece una y otra vez mientras que el asesino a sueldo conocido como The Criss Cross Man continua la cacer a de la chica Ante cada aventura, Candy se da cuenta que ella no es lo que parece y que un secreto se encierra en su persona desde el mero d a de su nacimiento Pero, mientras que las islas por las que pasa van cambiando de poco a poco y mil acontecimientos se desatan con su sola presencia, ser Candy capaz de descifrar su propio acertijo antes de que Lord Carrion la atrape o, pero a n, la horrible hechicera que es la abuela de l, Mater MotleyTuve que esperar meses para poder leer este libro y a n as no tuve que soportar tanto como los primeros fans del libro, aparentemente , pero cada momento vali la pena Fue exactamente por este libro, el segundo, que me en All Things In Their Time.Candy Quackenbush S Adventures In The Abarat Are Getting Stranger By The Hour Why Has The Lord Of Midnight Sent His Henchman After Her Why Can She Suddenly Speak Words Of Magic Why Is This World Familiar Candy And Her Companions Must Solve The Mystery Of Her Past Before The Forces Of Night And Day Clash And Absolute Midnight Descends Upon The Islands.A Final War Is About To Begin Published in 2004 by HarperCollins Publishers, this is the second installation to the Books Of Abarat quartet of novels Following on from the imaginative and beautifully magical first book of the Abarat, Barker has delivered a longer and just as inspiring novel running for a total of 491 pages Within these pages are literally hundreds of oil paintings done by Barker himself, to illustrate the novel as the story unfolds These illustrations are again printed in full colour on thick, glossy pages for the hardback version With such beautifully painted illustrations it is very advisable to purchase this hardback version, rather than waiting for the release of the cheaper paperback Barker s impressive imagination shows no bounds as you are taken on a journey through the wonderful world of his limitless mind His characterization is superb, delivering such vivid Another dark and wonderful entry by Clive Barker I just love the idea of a world where each island is another time At over 500 pages, I will admit that the seemingly never ending chasing of Candy did get old after a while, but was than counteracted by the further development of the characters Again Clive Barker succeeds in making his villain, Christopher Carrion a sympathetic character without making him any less evil This balancing act is what makes Clive Barker a master of his craft Was it just me, or did anyone else find Christopher carrion and Finnegan Hob s obsession with Candy just a tad creepy We are talking about a 14 year old girl, and since they were adults before she was born, all I m saying is E e e e w w w w Unlike several 2nd novels

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