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A Leadership Journey Unlike Any Other Stretching Across 500 Miles Of Northern Spain, The Camino De Santiago Has Been A Pilgrimage Route For A Millennium Each Year, Hundreds Of Thousands Of Peregrinos Make Their Way Through Rugged Countryside And Medieval Towns In Order To Reflect, Test Their Will, And Join A Community Of Strangers On A Shared Mission In Short, It S The Ideal Training Ground For Authentic Leadership.Challenged To Walk The Camino, Victor Prince Began His Trek As One Person Driven, Work Focused And Highly Competitive, And He Finished It A Very Different One Balanced, Caring, And Present In The Moment In This Transformative Book He Guides Readers On Their Own Camino, Translating His Experience Into Seven Essential Leadership Lessons Inspired By The Values Emblazoned On The Back Of Every Pilgrim S Passport Treat Each Day As Its Own Adventure Make Others Feel Welcome Learn From Those Who Ve Walked Before Consider Your Impact On Those Who Follow And Leadership Is A Journey The Camino Way Prepares You To Tackle It With A Pilgrim S Heart, A Wayfarer S Grit, And A Leader S Vision. The Camino Way

About the Author: Victor Prince

Victor Prince is a leadership author, trainer, and speaker His books include The Camino Way Lessons in Leadership from a Walk Across Spain AMACOM, 2017 , Executive Farm A Leadership Fable DiscoveredLOGIC, 2016 , and Lead Inside the Box How Smart Leaders Guide their Teams to Exceptional Results Career Press, 2015 He trains and speaks to clients around the world on leadership and strategy.

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    I must admit that I haven t kept up with the multiple mentions in popular culture of the Camino de Santiago That is, until a few weeks ago, when I attended a movie called I ll Push You The movie was a documentary about a man with a form of muscular dystrophy, confined to a wheelchair, who travels with a friend to do the Camino following paths and roads crossing Spain They didn t do this for spiritual reasons You get to

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    Would compelled be the right word Inspired Even obliged After having read chapter 3 in your book I really could not explain the immense emotions I felt ESPECIALLY, after the story about how your Camino was saved by a kind stranger who made it possible to receive help even after the pharmacy was closed.See many people may see my mentality and think I am intense and hardcore but I had an experience while motorbiking through

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    An inspiring read that will have you looking at leadership in a whole new light As an avid hiker myself, I can relate to the lessons and information in Victor s new book, The Camino Way The lessons take real life examples and transla...

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    Planning on walking part of the Camino is fall of 2018, so I have been reading books in preparation The Camino Way is the first book that has combined leadership lessons with the actual pilgrimage I also had the pleasure of hearing the author speak.The 500 mile Camino de Santiago has been in existence in Spain for over a thousand years Pilgrims walk it for varied ...

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book I really want to walk The Way, and this book reinforced my desire I also like how the author applied his lessons learned to business and life.

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    Having walked the Camino in sections in 2016 and 2017 I was surprised that I had not discovered this book before now I m a business owner and lead a small team I m also a mum and the messages through this book spoke to me in loud voices They say that your real true Camino experience starts afte...

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    Having done the Camino, myself albeit a difference path , I can appreciate and relate to Victor s experiences and how he draws a line to leadership It s a straightforward read and I really enjoyed it

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    Great read, quick and inspiring

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    Enjoyed this very much especially how the author put his experiences into practice in his every day life Nice lessons

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    Thanks for checking out my new book I hike and bike long trails on vacations as a hobby, so the Camino de Santiago had been on my list for a while When I finally got on the Camino, however, I realized it was unlike any other trail My month long experience walking the Camino taught me values and lessons that have made me a better person and leader They helped me fix some sharp edges I had developed in my climb up my career ladder I wrote blogs ab

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