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As a Man Thinketh I can hardly believe that this book was published in 1902 If you know about the Law of Attraction it s very likely you found out about it from a movie called The Secret that came out in 2006 a 100 years later A part of the human population was blown away by it me included , other parts were either amused, disturbed, hated it or found it hard to care.Now, this review contemplation rant WHATEVER will be weird, especially if you don t believe in the Law of Attraction It s very likely you ll end up thinking I need some serious help XD Which is fine, you don t know where I live anyways.Before I say anything else, I have to admit that although I practice the Law I freak out every time it works and I agree with the majority of the teachings e.g if you have problems in life they are your own doing, stop complaining, see the bright side opportunity, etc I am rather concerned with the general obsession for owning stuff and believing that having something that you currently lack will bring you happiness So in this new happiness movement people often get encouraged to desire stuff Or at least imagine we already have them Why C Thought allied fearlessly to purpose becomes creative force This is the basic idea behind all of James Allen s sugary half truths When I found an audio file with this text pre packaged into my new learnoutloud.com cart, read by Brian Johnson, Philosopher and CEO of Zaadz.com, I was briefly intrigued Then as I listened a bit , I thought it was some kind of joke or parody surely in just a moment Brian, Philosopher, will put on a genuine, critical voice Surely he would tell us that of course you can t change your circumstances with your thoughts That s not philosophy, but magical thinking Surely he would remind us, as Barbara Erhenreich has tried to do, that perfectly virtuous people fail and suffer everyday And that perfect scoundrals, animalistic beasts, succeed and prosper all the time For some reason I think of Adam Sandler I believe he once commented with pride that he did not finish high school Surely people all know, in this day and age, that serenity is not a viable goal in life That the best we can do is meet the challenges as they come, acknowledge that life is always a struggle, and find rea As A Man Thinketh Is A Literary Essay And Book By James Allen, Published In 1903 It Was Described By Allen As Dealing With The Power Of Thought, And Particularly With The Use And Application Of Thought To Happy And Beautiful Issues I Have Tried To Make The Book Simple, So That All Can Easily Grasp And Follow Its Teaching, And Put Into Practice The Methods Which It Advises It Shows How, In His Own Thought World, Each Man Holds The Key To Every Condition, Good Or Bad, That Enters Into His Life, And That, By Working Patiently And Intelligently Upon His Thoughts, He May Remake His Life, And Transform His Circumstances It Was Also Described By Allen As A Book That Will Help You To Help Yourself , A Pocket Companion For Thoughtful People , And A Book On The Power And Right Application Of Thought. Mind is the Master power that moulds and makes,And Man is Mind, and ever he takesThe tool of Thought, and, shaping what he wills,Brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills He thinks in secret, and it comes to pass Environment is but his looking glass. This is a short and inspiring philosophical book with its title being influenced by a verse in the Bible The author also makes references to Jesus, Krishna, and Buddha while explaining his ideas The central theme of the book is that a man is shaped by the thoughts he harbors whether consciously or subconsciously Good and positive thoughts will attract joy and peace while negative thoughts will attract misery and despair If he finds himself in an unfortunate situation that is out of his control, he needs to accept the fact that nothing lasts forever He can choose to find the good things from an unpleasant experience while from the bad things, he can learn important lessons He can let the failure and pain guide and motivate him to improve himself and his life to earn the success he rightfully deserves This will cause him to take ownership of his life and not blame other people for everything that is wrong in his life.All a person needs to do is alter the way he perceives a situation If you see the world as your ally, you ll find that the world is a I found this in one of my apartments on my religious mission, and it looks like it used to be required reading I read it then and thought it was decent I read it recently and thought it was pretty poor It felt a little bit too much like The Secret just think about something and you ll get it If you think good thoughts you ll have a good happy life and vice versa If only those people suffering genocide in Darfur could think better thoughtsTo be fair, I do agree to an extent and know that focusing your energy and thoughts on something will help you achieve said goal, or help you to be a particular way And we all know the power of positive thinking I guess I can agree on some of Al A small collection of thoughts on how powerful our minds truly are, this is book you ll want to turn to again and again because though it s short, it s deep with meaning There is no fluff to distract our brains from epiphany to epiphany Some of my favorite quotes Thought and character are one The dreamers are the saviors of the world In all human affairs there are efforts, and there are results, and the strength of the effort is the measure of the result Chance is not A man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts.Act is the blossom of thought, and joy and suffering are its fruits Circumstance does not make the man it reveals him to himself Men do not attract that which they want, but that which they are Indigence and indulgence are the two extremes of wretchedness.He who has conquered doubt and fear has conquered failure Thought allied fearlessly to purpose becomes creative force They who have no central purpose in their life fall an easy prey to petty worries, fears, troubles, and self pityings Victories attained by right thought can only be maintained by watchfulness Men imagine that thought can be kept sec Genre Self improvement, Power of thought.Publication Date 1903This is a good book, it emphasizes on the power of one s thoughts and that they can change one s reality and make one better with every passing moment The book is quite inspiring and author is urging the reader to take control of new age I read this book yesterday I really enjoyed it and have set some new personal development goals in line with the book s concepts This is a book I will reread throughout my life.I do disagree with one point James Allen said that bad thoughts lead to sickness and disease, which is the part I agree with He also said the reverse is tr In 2003, a number of leading self help authors were asked to list the works that were, to them, most inspirational The book mentioned most often was James Allen s As a Man Thinketh.Despite the fact that his books have been inspirational for generations, very little is known about the man himself He was born in Leicester, England When he was fifteen his father was brutally murdered by a robber, forcing Allen out of school and into the workforce He eventually worked his way up to the position of executive secretary for a high ranking officer of an English corporation.Then, at the age of 38, he retired with his wife to a small cottage in Ilfracombe, a tiny town on the northernmost coast of England In 1902 As a Man Thinketh was published about the same time Allen made this move He and his wife intentionally pursued a simple life of gardening and contemplation In the next ten years, Allen wrote than twenty books, and then he suddenly died at the age of 48, in 1912.This book is barely 7,800 words long about thirty pages of a typically printed paperback And yet it rewards eve

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The James Allen Free LibraryAllen was 15 when his father, a businessman, was robbed and murdered He left school to work full time in several British manufacturing firms to help support the family He later married Lily L Allen and became an executive secretary for a large company At age 38, inspired by the writings of Leo Tolstoy, he retired from employment Allen along with his wife and their daughter, Nohra moved to a small cottage in Ilfracombe, Devon, England to pursue a simple life of contemplation There he wrote for nine years, producing 19 works He also edited and published a magazine, The Light of Reason.Allen s books illustrate the use of the power of thought to increase personal capabilities Although he never achieved great fame or wealth, his works continue to influence people around the world, including the New Thought movement.Allen s most famous book, As a Man Thinketh, was published in 1902 It is now considered a classic self help book Its underlying premise is that noble thoughts make a noble person, while lowly thoughts make a miserable person.Following his death in 1912, his wife continued publishing the magazine under the name, The Epoch.

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