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Would You Rather? A Collection Of Poignant, Relatable Essays From The Author Of Never Have I Ever About Coming Out In Her Late Twenties, Entering Into Her First Relationship, And Figuring Out What It Means To Be An Adult.When Katie Heaney Published Her First Book Of Essays Chronicling Her Singledom Up To Age 25, She Was Still Waiting To Meet The Right Guy Three Years Later, A Lot Changed For One Thing, She Met The Right Girl Here, For The First Time, Katie Opens Up About Realizing That She Is Gay She Tackles Everything From The Trials Of Dating In New York City To The Growing Pains Of Her First Relationship, From Obsessing Over Harry Styles Because, Actually, He Does Look A Bit Like A Lesbian To Learning To Accept Herself All Over Again Exploring Love And Sexuality With Her Neurotic Wit And Endearing Intimacy, Katie Shares The Message That It S Never Too Late To Find Love Or Yourself.

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